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[Idea] Warframe High School


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Me and a bunch of friends were sitting around playing when we wondered what the heck would happen if Stalker was the principal of a high school for Warframes. We played around with the idea a little bit, and came up with this: A high school where the teachers are the Warframes + Stalker as VP. I made a list of what they'd teach, and any notes we had on them when we made this up.


Warframe High School
Banshee - Music

"No, you're playing it wrong. It goes like this." *SCREEEEEEE*

Trinity - Nurse / Guidance Counselor

Would switch between 'Aura' and regular helmets to change jobs, sometimes interrupting one to do the other.

Rhino - Detention

Ember - Detention

Going to detention requires you to sign a 100-page legal waiver.

Saryn - Biology

"Look what happens when I touch this gerrrrrbil." Gerbil vomits green goo, dies.

Loki - Language

We didn't have any thoughts on him, he was the last one we placed.

Ash - Janitor

You would be in class, look at the back of the room, no-one there. The teacher would start talking about something good, you look back and Ash is sweeping the floors. Look back again, he's gone.

Mag - Coach

Everybody likes her due to her 'attractive' personality hue hueh puns.

Vauban - Woodshop / Engineering

If people got him angry or misused tools he would trampoline them through the ceiling.

Nyx - Psychology

Didn't really have anything to say for this one either.

Frost - Geography

He'd only ever talk about Antarctica or cold places and would always cite polar bears and penguins as the best animals.

Volt - Math

Another no comment.

Excalibur - Principal

We thought since he's kind of the 'main' warframe he'd be better suited for the head of the school.

Stalker - Vice Principal

He's the guy who'd enforce all the rules, really respected/feared.


I thought it'd be nice to share this and see if anyone wants to expand on this.

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Ash is the cool and silent guy from the elite class next door! One second you see him and the next he's gone!

Banshee is the super dramatic girl who always imagines the worst outcome of everything and she sings in the school choir!

Ember is the fiery, competitive and athletic girl with short orange hair! She likes Banshee a lot and sticks up for her, and the two of them ship Ash X Frost!

Excalibur is the nice guy main hero who can be a bit rash at times, but he has the right idea and will never leave his friends behind. His best friends are Loki, Volt and Mag!

Frost is a super cool bishie with long hair! He's the only one who can get along with the

Loki's the annoying prankster who absolutely loves to annoy the hell out of everyone! He's best bros with Excalibur!

Mag's the adorable and petite darling who can be a bit shy at times! She can be quite clingy to those who are nice to her, like Saryn!

People find Nyx and her spoon-bending powers highly amusing! She doesn't talk much but appreciates Trinity for not judging her like the others and being her friend! Oh and she's Excalibur's sister!

Rhino's the big musclehead guy who charges headfirst into everything and is always looking for ways to prove his strength! Also a very enthusiastic person!

Saryn is the super cool and pretty delinquent girl from the class next door! She adores Mag, and enjoys teasing her sometimes just to watch her flustered reactions! Her interactions with Mag border on sexual harassment!

Trinity is a good girl. She's super nice and soft-spoken and very very cute!

Uncle Vauban and Uncle Hek go way back! He's the oldest of the lot and provides good advice to the young Tenno!

Volt's a funny guy who cracks jokes often! He is serious when it comes to missions though, and while he appreciates Loki's cheeky nature he's often the one to keep him in check!


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