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That's awesome looking.


Brighten it up, and show off what spots the Primary, secondary, etc color would affect

Thanks! Was just "playing' with TennoGen though))



Yeah Mag really does need some nice skins. IMO Mag/Mag P are 2 of my least favorite looking frames.

Well, I can agree with u. Still... Mag Prime is not so bad, I guess. 


Turning out awesome, but I think even more stuff would be killer.

Thanks, pal)


looks like it could be a Renown skin for the PS4

Who knows? I like this idea) 


Mag's Immortal skin is pretty good, you got some serious competition if you are trying to compete with it.


I do really like where the Lotus theme is going though, keep up the good work.

Much appreciated)


Looks good



Wow this is really amazing, I want dat skin. :o

Well done mate!

Thanks a lot, pal! 


IMO mag just needs some new helmets more than skins. Her current stuff is kinda ugly.

And what about Mag Prime helm? I thinks, it's not so bad.

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