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Weapon Mod Suggestion/Discussion Thread.


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Welcome to the Mod suggestion/discussion thread.

Have thoughts or suggestions about existing or new possible mods? Post them here.

Copy pasted from another topic but here are some ideas that i have had.

Multi-fire seems OP or just overall the mod of choice overall. I think upping the damage to flesh on fire or giving it a burning effect would be good to increase it's damage on the right enemies and free it up from weapon damage reliant-scaling,, make freezes hurt sheilds more and make sheilds more of a thing, maybe make it stop sheild regen for a set amount of time and/or make it slow firing rate/attack spead and remove the movement slow from it and give the slow to electric (it would have to look visually different but i feel like a "shock slow" could work), remove the stunning electric effect (maybe buff electrics damage or something a bit as well), and then make stun better for stunning than electric. Maybe give stunning a proc damage effect. Like not damage you get every time but damage you get when you get the stun effect. There could also be a shred effect like armor pen that reduces armor as units are damaged.

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