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Shooting While Jumping Does Not Trigger "air Shooting" Animation If Sprinting


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Dear Dev/Bug Team,


If I am sprinting and then I jump and fire my weapon, my warframe does not enter the "jump firing" position, or whatever you want to call it. I mean the position where you are leaning in the air and when you hit the ground you roll.


Instead if you sprint, jump and then fire, you will fire your gun awkwardly while still being in the normal jumping position, and having your gun pointed to the side as it is normally when jumping.


To illustrate please see the below picture:



You probably already know about this one, since it is easily encountered, but I wanted to be sure.


Thank you for everything you do, and I don't know if the ones who read these are responsible for the red text during hotfixes, but they are funny and much appreciated, don't ever change! :D

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