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Foreground/background Fps Slider


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Something I like to do in between my waiting for my mission queues or just in the background in general is play other games (addict, I know); and the inability to tell Warframe to run at a lower FPS whilst in the background means my other programs will run at a lower FPS.

As such, I offer a suggestion that somewhere in the Options there be the ability to determine Max FPS for being in the background or foreground (separately), or just a variable for when in the background (with max or 60 FPS being the default for foreground).


Increased framerates while the game in in the background is a plus for those with weaker GPUs; and those with stronger cards can multitask their gaming more efficiently. Less power usage for those running on a battery (game on, Laptop gamers).


Not going to lie, there really are not any strong cons. Not sure if it will have any adverse effects on peer-peer hosting as well; although it doesn't touch any networking "stuff".


As far as I know, Windows (7 at least) has a way to tell if something is in the foreground or background; so adding code to read that state of the client would be easy, and then limiting FPS on the value of the sliders... I'm no programmer; I'll leave this to the folks at DE.

I encourage any and all debate on the topic! Also, the more of us that show support that this feature is handy/useful, the more probable the outcome of it being implemented!


Thanks for the read;


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