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The Void Is A Truly Appropriate Name


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I fell through the floor on my first trip to the void and died after about 5 seconds of falling.




I stepped on one of the half circle cover things that come out of the floor and was launched above the stage. I took about two steps then fell into the "void".




This is what I was looking at for about 5 minutes until eventually being teleported back into the stage and dying.




I got clipped on to a circular sliding door and it dragged me into one of the walls. I couldn't move for about 10 seconds and then I phased through the floor and fell for about 15 minutes until I ended up like this.




After an clearing an exhausting 180 something Tower III exterminate mission I got clipped into the same kind of door and was pushed underneath the floor. I was trapped in this tiny corridor with no way of killing myself or escaping. After more than 40 minutes of fighting level 50-100 enemies while using subpar gear I was forced to abort.


I think DE knew what they were doing when they named this place the void.

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