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Grindless Dojo Concept (Small Vs Large Clan Balance)


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I posted this in a previous discussion about Dojo costs, but thought it may facilitate more discussion as a new topic rather than lost in another post.  Its based around the idea of longer build times for cheaper resources.  An initial concept idea was by Viziroth, but it inspired me to do up the spreadsheet for a way it could be handled that works basically for small to the huge clans be they casual or hardcore in nature. It even works for those that like to farm as well.


All in all food for thought for DE and players alike :)


Grindless Dojo


The gold shaded costs are the current costs and build times.


The end goal is to make Dojos viable for all sizes of clans, without excessive grind needed for anyone.


Short infomation:

 - The essence is it takes more time to build with less invested resources, though still some investment needs to be made.

 - The resources are what I'd consider ammounts you can get for just playing the game, without realy any additional grinding/farming.

 - Credit's dont change from time to time (the exception is a faster build, you pay for speed). The credit amounts are quite low and shouldnt be too hard for 1 or 2 members to accumuilate anyway.

 - Rather than investing more resourses to speed up the time progressivly, it would be selected from the outset, leaving only rushing via platinum to complete rooms once resources are commited to the build.


Detailed Information:

The balance is based around a rough estimate of small clans being up to 20 members (1-5 groups) medium clans being around 20-60 members (5-15 groups), large being around 60-100 members (15-25 groups) and 100+ members (25+ groups) being huge clans.  While not how I'd break it down for other games, given Warframes 4 man squads it is generally better to have it lower.  Edit: The numbers refer to reasonably active members as opposed to total membership.


Basically the concept uses the basis of time to reduce resources (thus reduce grinding), while keeping an incentive to actually still use more and build faster.  So the basic premis of the Warframe econemy; time vs cost.


The base costs and build time is what I'd exect a large clan to be using, they typically have a good number of members to draw on with likely a core active group.  The faster build time I'd realy only expect the huge clans to even consider, but maybe not even use unless they have to have it now.

Medium clans I can see being more usefor the moderate build times and costs, so basically a balance of time and costs for them, while smaller clans would obviously be more inclined to use the lower resources at the expence of the largest build times.

Those clans that like to farm (ie. enjoy the grind) or have a good constant playerbase can push up into larger clan block thus getting faster build times, those while more casual may see the benefit in longer build times.


While the system is more complex than the current one I think its worth it to make the Dojo more fair, thusly making it a viable option for all clans reguardless of their size.  Letting people be part of the size clan they want.

Larger clans will obviously have it easier as the average resource share for each member is lower than that for smaller clans, however the current system is still much worse.


I dont thik it will impact DE's bottom line too much either (we all want them to continue releasing great stuff) as it works on their pay for convinence model, in that the less you pay the longer you have to wait while not making the wait time excessive.   Given rush costs currently (750 plat for a hallway), longer build times rushed will net more for them than the loss from less forma.

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