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Molysména Excalibur

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So this is my first skin I am working on for Excalibur, working on the model currently so I can bake the normal map and replace the original normal map to make Excalibur look somewhat new. Just ignore the helmet, I just decided to goof around with that for a bit :p


Edit 1: So I put the started putting the custom maps on the mesh and started working on the main primary tint locations and so far this is what pops up. Work damn spoilers button >.<
Edit 3: So I did as I was recommended and inverted the Y axis and this was the result, I think I like and am gonna start working on tint 2 and and tint 4 nowScreenshot_5.png
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SO how exactly do I take a screenshot in tennogen? I've got the maps ready for a preview before i start cleaning them up a bit but I have yet to find out how to take the screenshot, F12 and PrntScr don't work for me :/

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darn it... im ( free to use ) kind of person... so i dont have all that programs... ah...

i guess i cant do modeling... only other color scheme's ah... nvm...

Blender is free, I perfer over other software for making a base sculpt.

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Your Normal Y direction is inverted. If you have photoshop, get a free tool called Nvidia normal map filter and you can easily flip the Y direction. 

Really? Thought it was just the lighting, i'll give it a shot to see how it looks.

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