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Suggestions For Reaper Prime(This Time Not In The Warframe Feedback Thread)


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As of right now Reaper Prime is not worth the effort whatsoever and it probably the worst melee weapon I've ever seen(all things considered).


By all things considered I mean that...this weapon is a Prime, this weapon takes a long time to get, Primes are buffed of versions and normally better than most in their category, this basically costs money to get in the sense of not waiting weeks to get it.


Prime looks rewarding but it stops there.


Let's compare it to the Hate.


Prime is slower than the Hate and also weaker than the Hate.


Hate also does 3x to Infested like the Reaper Prime does.


Hate is both faster and stronger than Prime.


In other words...Reaper Prime is just a bad weapon when you literally consider everything.


Here are some suggestions to actually make Reaper Prime worth the pain and suffering it took to get while adding to my endless supply of Reaper Handles before the hotfix.


We can do the following things(We can do even multiple of the things in combinations...but this is what I'd like to see)


1. Increase crit chance and crit power: This weapon is so weak that it could use a boost to about 20% or 30% with the crit chance.


2. Boost the crit mods: DE is afraid of another event happening when guns were worthless due to melee being so strong. The answer to this was not to make melee worthless end game like you have...but actually make the weapons viable so that way we actually get a reward for getting in close and risking our lives for this.


30% crit chance...? Are you kidding me...? Why does it even exist? So we can boost our crit chance about 0.5% up on the weapons that are actually living off of critical builds? Reaper Prime starts off with a 10% crit chance according to the wiki...30% of 10 is 3...so DE...you really want us to spend 9 energy points for a 3% boost in critical chance? Sorry but that does not make much sense to me.


Also about crit power...make it cap at 100% simply put. Since it is critical that means it is RNG based...which means it is never certain when things could go off. Someone spamming Hate or Gram could out literally outperform the Reaper since tthose weapons have a consistent DPS instead of a fluctuating one.


3. Make it faster: For a weapon that is blatantly weaker than all of the other weapons...why did you make it so slow? Shouldn't it be much faster than the others I.E. the Gram to make up for that? Once again...Hate is stronger and yet still faster in both Swing speed and Charge speed...I honestly have both weapons so this is not hearsay. For a weapon that seems to be dependent on crit it should  be faster to maximize total crit potential in a nutshell...like how the Zoren are...they make up for their weak damage with ridiculous speed. What we have now is a weaker Scindo.


4. Add polarities: This is a Prime yet it lacks polarities...as far as I know this is literally the only Prime lacking polarities.


It should be like the Glaive with a V and and - or something to actually make it viable...I'm not certain if this was forgotten or intended but for a Prime to lack polarities is blasphemy...for technology so great and so powerful this seems to not present this image of it being strong.


5. Let Reaper Prime alone have the 3x damage to infested: Remove it from the Hate and actually give Reaper some distinct reason to be chosen. Hate can already do 2x and still get 100 damage done instead of the 150. Reaper can only do 120 since the base is 40.  I think that removing 3x damage to infested from Hate would truly balance things out. 


6. Give it stagger resistance: From what I've seen using both of the Anchors...they both can still be interrupted mid swing by infested...make the Reaper have complete immunity to stagger so that way it can still be weaker but have some sort of edge of the Hate. Hate would be more risky but give you damage while Reaper would be more conservative but garner your survival. 


For now I cannot think of other things...


NOTE: I'm not saying add all 6 of these things to Reaper Prime and then trivialize all of the other melee weapons...


These are merely suggestions to actually have a start on making Reaper Prime an actually decent weapon.


Right now it is lackluster and disappointing...it was a weapon I truly desired and after spending days to get it and 6 days later. I only use it because literally...I like seeing it on the back of my Saryn.


Flame me if you must but these are my feelings and suggestions about the Reaper Prime...


Don't like mine...? 


Then impress us and offer your own or tell me why you don't like it.


Feedback is the key to success...


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needs polarity slots, yes. Need to be better than hate, no. Get a scindo and polarize it and max fury, it is better than both especialy against infested. oh, and i dont use crit mods on melee weopons exept daggers, the others are too slow to be worth it.

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My answer: NO

Reaper prime is easy to craft.

Craft or buy (800 pt not worth for it rly) Hate. It is purely awesome.

Lol you must be new here or just daft...


If Reaper Prime is easy to craft I would have seen more than 4 people with it and me being one of those 4...


As opposed to how many people have Hate...


I think Hate is the ugliest weapon ever and I dislike it.

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