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Instant Level 30 On Warframes And Weapons


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Honestly? On paper, I wouldn't care.


Any serious form of PvP should be separate from the PvE layer anyway, if/when said serious PvP ever comes to Warframe (not that I have anyhting against not-serious PvP ;P), so as long as this was only limited to the PvE layer of WF, its not a hindrance to anyone else imho, providing of course it costs a hefty amount. Progression based PvP typically throws player skill out the window. PvP that does not take player skill (compensated by weapon/frame choice obviously) into account is worthless imo anyway.


Obviously if WF introduces any sort of ladders, competitions, rankings, PvE style competitiveness, such boosts would need to be excluded from it. I have no idea if such are planned or not.


If someone wants to give DE money for ruining their own fun, chances are they wouldn't stick around for long anyway. I've said it before a few times, if you do not enjoy the core gameplay, you will not enjoy it more with super gear. It does not work that way imo. Affective forecasting bias at its best. If they want to give DE money before they go, more power to them. 


Of course the amount of toxicity and vitriol this would have caused, along with outrage that spreads like... Well, pretty much every piece of bs and non bs fact on the Internet, this would have caused more harm them benefit, so overall I'd say no, this is not a good idea unless we want WF's playerbase to implode upon itself.

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