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Streamline Vs Flow



I usually use both at the same time, but which would you say is better?


Up to 30% power efficiency vs up to 150% more total energy?


(30% power efficiency for an ability that cost's 100 will not be 100-30 rather

30% power efficiency means what would normally be 1 energy would become 1.3, so 100/1.3 = 77 total cost)


I'm lazy to do maths atm. (guess not)


(wrong)Flow: 300 energy + 150% = 750 nrg

750 / 100 = 7.5


cast 100 cost ability 7 times.


Streamline: 300 nrg / 77 = 3.9


cast 100 cost ability 3 times


(wrong)Both: 750 nrg / 77 = 9.7


cast 100 cost ability 9 times



guess they're best together, but flow in the end is better. they both cost the same mod capacity.

I don't know how to calculate flow :'(

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I use both for most of my high level frame loadouts, with the exception of Ember, maxed Rush and Streamline goes in her polarity slots, along with a maxed Stretch in one of the others. I don't really need Flow as she has a high energy pool already, and what I usually do is Overheat + World on Fire, run like hell around the map to incinerate everything, and picking up energy orbs afterwards.

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Flow = Much larger pool to play with, potentially giving you a crap ton more energy to play with. However it will require finding a lot more energy globules to make good use of it. If you don't use your powers often while fighting trash, this is a good mod for you.

Streamline = Slightly smaller costs. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Streamline. Basically lets you use your main ability once or twice more before your energy bar is gone assuming you don't pick up the orbs. If you are spamming the everloving crap out of abilities, you'll want this.


Really up to your playstyle. If you are never letting your energy cap out, then Flow is pointless. If you are a bit more sparing (and it doesn't take much here) with your ability use so you find more energy than you burn, flow is amazing. Streamline is good in both situations if you have the room for it on your frame. I personally don't use it on unpotatoed frames.

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Stinker and TehJumpingJawa summarized what I wanted to say about where Streamline is more effective thanks. As I like spamming skills with my Ember, I found that to be more effective compared to Flow. However if I polarize my Ember a few times in the future I'll have enough space for maxed Focus (MOAR damage) and Flow too I hope. Need to accumulate Forma BP's first. :D

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if you expect to use powers all the time I think Streamline is probably more important (if used with energy siphon, it can be interpreted as you virtually get more energy regeneration).

If you expect to have longer pauses in between massive spamming of powers, then Flow.

Personally, I would try to take any/both if I have left over capacity. In most cases, the difference is not so important as one can simply compensate by pacing (the use of powers) and cover with weapons where necessary.

Probably, you won't really need to plan in detail until you try out the more extreme builds with energy and power related mods (stretch/continuity/focus). E.g. when you are trying to build the "the infinity machine".

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Ok, so I made some calculations, using Google Spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvgF8jqm_cH4dEdSNVJZSWFtWGRCVmkxMzhQRXg3Y3c&usp=sharing'>Link here)

I considered Flow and Streamline to be maxed out.


Depending on your warframe and what ability you use more often, Flow or Streamline is better for you. 

There is too much to explain, so I won't do it. You have to check the spreadsheet yourselves and draw conclusions from there.

The number of uses are rounded up. Sometimes, after you use the ultimate ability 2 times, you'll be left with 95% of the energy needed to use it again. If you have Energy Siphon, you'll be able to use it again in a couple of seconds.

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