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What The Hek Is Wrong With The Hek? Info Inside


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Ok, so I have been testing the Hek for a long time and just recently I have noticed that it's not doing any damage to Lieutenant Lech Kril the boss on Ceres, that drops Frost bp. FYI It is nothing to do with the range nerf with Hek I made sure I was close enough so I do maximum damage. I have tried taking of all my mods and putting them back on but still I am doing absolutely 0 damage, his shields are not even dropping.


Same problem with the void. I can't destroy the lasers no matter where I aim. Same problem with the despair but that's not important. Now you may say "you're not aiming right" or "you need armor piercing". Well actually I am aiming right because I have no trouble destroy them with my melee weapon or the Kunai. Secondly I have armor piercing take a look for yourself. http://i.imgur.com/RZ4D0gC.png


I have also tried playing both online and solo and I have the same problem. I have no idea what is causing this but maybe it's a bug or something? Thanks


Edit: Ok I guess lech Kril has been changed a little bit since the last time I have done him thanks for the help.

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For Lech Kril you have to shoot his weak spot on his back then wait for him to use an ice ability, then he freezes and you can do damage, the Hek definitely damages him.


The lasers is a different story, seems there are a bunch of weapons that don't damage them and a bunch that do.

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