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Can Someone Please Explain Tint Masks And Why They Are Not Working On My Tennogen?

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The tint masks use color channels. So you have to go into the channel section of your later editor to designate the different colors.there are 3 channels. Red, green, and blue. Warframe uses a fourth channel called "alpha". In order to access these channels you also have to be working in RGB mode. It's a bit hard to explain.

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Well, this is how I do it:


Your tint mask should consist of 1-4 images (one for each set of tintable parts) that only show the parts of the UV that you want to be coloured.

The parts you want coloured should be white, with everything else black. How you do this depends on what software you are using to make the skin.


Once you have your images you need to add them to a single image as layers (gimp has an option to open them like this), and assign each one to a colour channel.


In Gimp this can be done by first making the image grayscale (Image - Mode - Grayscale) and then assigning the images with Colour - Components - Compose and setting it to RGBA.


Any of the first three can be blank, but the alpha (fourth image) must be at least a transparent image with a tiny white dot somewhere in it. You should then be able to export the image as a .png and use it as a tint mask. Don't worry if the result looks like a plain transparent image.


The result should work like this: (This has all four channels assigned to areas of the model)



Hope this helps you.

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