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Equinox's Rest And Rage Are Canceled When Switching Forms


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Pretty much the title. I am pretty sure that when Equinox came out you could cast rest, switch forms, then cast rage on an enemy without them waking up. Now however whenever you switch forms any enemies under the effect of rest or rage are canceled.


Or maybe I am just crazy and it has never been like this.

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I was wondering the same thing. As soon as equinox came out you were able to apply both rest and rage to a target switching form, also confirmed by Rebecca doind that in the equinox devstream (if u do not believe me check that). Since the rework for mend&metamorphosis (U17.5 i believe) that isn't true anymore and switching between day/night cancels rest/rage which is very disappointing (punishes you for switching form). I first thought was a bug but we had many hotfixes/updates since then, and nothing came out, i hope they'll make as it were before or, If both effects on the same target are too much, at least, the status should be kept while switching.

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