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Unable To Melee Or Block Bug


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So, some very rare times I'm unable to melee.  Most times this can be corrected by following these troubleshooting steps:


Shoot your weapon, swap weapons, shoot the other weapon, reload both weapons, jump, use a power, dodge roll, block.


However, this most recent time (when I had a Hate scythe equipped with maxed out Fury) I was unable to do the following: Melee, Block, Ledge Grab, Dodge Roll.  None of my normal troubleshooting steps fixed the issue.


When attempting to block, my character made the sheathing animation for my melee weapon while holding his equipped weapon in hand.  This would be looped for the duration the block key was pressed.


My friend reported the same issue last night while wielding Dual Zorens.


This leads me to suspect it is a Melee version of the "Infinite Reload" bug brought on by hyperfast melee weapons, rather than hyper-fast reloads.


Thank you for reviewing my bug report.


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