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[Help]Anyone Knows How To Fix Low Fps?


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Hi everyone!


I'm playing Warframe for a few weeks now and I simply love it! However I wonder if anyone might have some advice on how to fix my only problem which is a low FPS count.


First things first: It NOT because my PC is too bad and seems to be Warframe related.


My system:

- Athlon II X4 640 (about 60-80% load when hosting)

- 8 GB 1333 RAM (about 4,5 GB used)

- GTX 580 (about 40-50% load on highest settings with PhysX)

- Raid with about about 600mb/sec read


My FPS drops when hosting especially when lots of enemies are spawned while none of my systems is fully loaded :| Other software like BF3 runns smooth on highest settings. It would be awesome if anyone knows how to work around this problem :)


As well the crosshair is displayer wrong when using Nvidia vision... any known tweaks for this?


(Sorry if this post is in the wrong topic; I still a forum newbie)

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of course that is the easiest solution :) But as my systems doesn't get to it's limit when hosting I presume that the issue is software based and might hopefully be solvable in some way.

Your system *is* being taken to its limit.

Warframe doesn't efficiently utilise multiple cores. So while your cpu might not be reaching 100% utilisation as a whole, one of its cores will be, thus bottlenecking everything else.

The only solution is for DE to invest some time into optimising their game & engine.

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I got boost in performance by turning off color correction and local reflections.  I can even host without game breaking lag now.


Can't thank you enough, turning these two off gave me easily more than 50% more performance when hosting.


Fps still drops significantly from being just a client (60 fps) to being a host (30 fps), but it's not the 10 fps it used to be :)

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