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Tint Colors? How Do I Get More Than Rgb?

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Hello everyone,


I was just wondering how you can get more than the 3 colors for your tint masks. When making my tint maps everything works out fine (apart from silly issues like a 1px white border around all my pasted masks for some reason) but I can only seem to get red, green, and blue channels, aswell as an alpha. So my question is how do I get tint 4? From what I can see the alpha channel only stops the RGB showing up on that particular area, not tinting itself. 


Thank you, 



Ps: Sorry to those of you that fav'd my warframe assets on steam, i had to take what I had up there down as I didn't want to give you skins you couldn't color in game. =) I've worked it mostly out except this last problem. 

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