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Dueling Room Re-Fit Station


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A quick way to change weapons/mods/warframes while in the dueling room is needed.


Putting at least 3 of these stations along each of the 3 walls should be enough.


It would provide players a quick and easy way to change their gear or warframe before and after a duel. ( The changes made should only be in affect while player is inside the dojo, once he leaves, all gear and what not is the same as before player entered dojo.)


Gives players the chance to test, have fun, experiment and switch between sets quick and easy, make their own gentlemen rules for now until specifics get implemented, ( No sentinels, with  sentinels, no powers ect.).



   Also another idea, if DE wants to get more in-debt with customization, they could make a console or something inside the room that lets clans build and pick add-on's to go inside that certain room. ( Refit station along this wall, stadium seating on this side.... TIGER PIT IN THE DUEL ROOM!! haha... i dunno, or ways to customize the duel space itself... a pit people look into or a cage match kind of duel room, clan emblem on the floor ect... All customization options that could make that clans dojo unique. This applies to all rooms just to be clear i was just specifying the duel room.) 


  2nd idea, being able to have a scoreboard of top 10 duelers in the clan on the wall or accessable to be seen/brought up somewhere would be nice as well. Kind of like how samurai would wonder into another dojo and want to challenge the best swordsmen, maybe could implement a cross clan Duel system.


    3rd idea, maybe a PvE duel room, players could go out and "Capture" monsters/enemy's/bosses on actual missions, then they get transferred to the monster pit where players can take their chances in how ever big a group to defeat the monster. Could be very popular!




How does everyone else feel about this?

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