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Custom Helmets In Steam Workshop?

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I am a bit perturbed by the inability to submit custom models to Tennogen. It feels like an unnecessary limitation that stifles potential. However, I am not someone with a great deal of knowledge on the topic and can only imagine the amount of trouble this may cause when animating and rigging in the game, so it is understandable.


That said, what trouble could be caused by custom helmet models? There are not nearly as many animated parts (if any) on the helmets, would this really be that difficult to accept?


I'd love to see what the Warframe community could offer with it's modeling skills, I feel there is so much potential, yet no outlet in Tennogen besides the syandanas (lord knows we have enough of those).

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from inspecting the helmets, it is my thought that the helmet themselves are solid and un-morphing. and it is the mesh that make part of the next that move and morph to account for the animation and their shape is what fills in the seams between the body model and the head model. that is, at least, my observation.


so if that is the case, then rigging for the helmet would be minimal as long as there are no extensive moving parts such as loki's swindle helmet. 

and so the current inability to submit helmet models or any other parts is, just like how we so far only have a few select warframe skins to create, because its currently a new thing, a trial that the devs want to run through before opening the flood gates to a torrent of too many selections from too many people which in turn means set amount of votes spread across too many candidates. also acts as some sort of quality assurance i suppose.

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