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I Killed ... Myself (Bug)


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I dont even know how this is possible, but i killed myself with a dread level 4! (stalker-bow)

I was just fighting against a boss and he did that bullet attractor thingy on me and i just shot and killed myself. My body split in 2 pieces and firstly i thought "damn, need a revive!" then i recognized i had my health full and shields too. I was able to shoot meanwhile i was "dead". So i killed the boss and other grineers tried to kill me. I was like a ghost in the air that can shoot. Then i tried to damage myself. I threw a kunai at my leg and got damaged! My top-part of my body flew away from a grenade. So i killed the grineer and as i tried to do blessing the warframe ui glitched and i couldnt do anything (exept abort mission). So my question is: How is this even possible!?



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