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Exploring The Void...


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Tried the "exploring" thing on the void maps. Many secrets and stuff...


1) http://s018.radikal.ru/i506/1305/09/91436c3351ce.jpg



The crossroads room with a second floor as separate room. The second floor can be reached from the 1st floor. You can get in but cant get out. Only restarting helps



2) http://s60.radikal.ru/i168/1305/bf/5711d0ad4f14.jpg

Invisible floor?



3) http://i056.radikal.ru/1305/99/a0b43a572470.jpg

That room isnt loading at all. Tried 3 times, always glitched



4) http://i068.radikal.ru/1305/6e/439bcb3906c4.jpg

Maybe I'm approaching the airlock door too fast or maybe its because im not the host but when im hitting the door before it starts to spin open, it throws me into the wall. After that I'm ending up falling outside the map. And that happened twice. I'm rhino and not too fast, so probably could be worse if i took loki or ash


Thats the stuff :/

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1) Haven't had that bug

2) What's wrong in 2?

3) Could be lag, I walked into a couple rooms in a laggy void match and they didn't load/appear until I was at the end of the room.

4) Pretty common, happens in my dojo elevator too, if I'm too quick, I just fall through to nothing (but the dojo floor stops be from falling forever.)

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1) I was trying to explore everything :P

2) Flying above the floor. Maybe I should have taken the screenshot with a better angle

3) It happens too often to call it a lag

4) Dunno. I just finished building mah very own reactor :3 

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