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Maybe A Bug In Uranus


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Some day ago I reset my account. Today I was playing on Uranus (solo), versus Grineer.

I did two missions with Grineer with Heavy Gunners as heavy units. Both time Lotus didn't recognize them (and so didn't warn me) and, both time, there was an incredible spawn of them.

In the first mission I killed something as 120 enemies (not so much), but 15 circa of them were Heavy units! Every 10 enemies an Heavy unit not recognized circa.... Three time happened that I found something like 2-3 or 4 Heavy gunners all in the same place without any warning from Lotus (ok, 1 or 2 are normal, but FOUR Heavy gunners all near? In an early game planet? Really?)


The second time, I don't remember how many enemies I killed (howevere LESS then the normal), but something like 10 Heavy gunners.

Now, is this a bug or what else? Heavy gunners are still heavy units? Because Lotus didn't recognize them NEVER today, and they spawned like hell (in a normal mission, with 400 circa kills, spawn 5-6, 8-10 maximun HU circa, not 15 and not all in the same place in goups of 3 or 4...).
At least, it appears that the strange spawn of Gunners decreases the number of total units spawned... In a normal mission, with Grineer, usually there are 250-450 units spawned, 120 is really a very low number....


I don't know, It doesn't appear correctly to me so I repeat my question: is it a bug or something changed?

Thanks for answers.

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wow, that's... sorry still laughing at title [5 minutes later (exaggerated)] alrigt, Lotus doesn't warn you about gunners, she only warns you about Napalm/Bombardiers, and second you might want too see a doctor about that bug in uranus (if you don't get the joke, UR-ANUS)


3 days ago that Joke was dropped. Also Jokes aren't so funny if you explain them.....  ;)

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