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Correct Map Placment In Tennogen.

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I would like to try out some tenno gen especially on the liset for which I have a couple of ideas however I do not seem to know the correct placement of the map file.


The diffuse map and the normal map look easy.  the file have the same name of the placements.


However what files (names) go in the





emissive                    placements.


from these files name I have of the liset;







Liset diffuse.




I tried different combinations but each time I try to vary the tint colours the liset remains grey.  I would like to at least first set the basic tints before modifying the maps in photo shop.


I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.  Thank in advance.

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Only the Normal map and Emissive map can be used directly. The diffuse map needs a little tweaking to become an albedo map (although the slot is labeled Diffuse for some reason).


You then need to produce a roughness map, which ranges from 0 smooth to 255 rough, and a metalness map, which goes in the specular slot and ranges from 0 diffuse to 255 metal.


The last item is the tint mask, with the Red channel being Primary, Green being Secondary, Blue being Tint 3, and Alpha being Tint 4. Note that without an Alpha channel it will recognize the alpha as being fully white and so Tint 4 will cover the entire thing.


The AO, Curve, and Mask textures are provided purely for reference.

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