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Update 17.10.0

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Diriga Changes


The following change has been made to help bring some additional utility to the Diriga.  We will continue to monitor the Diriga after launch to provide additional balance to this unique trait if necessary.

  • Diriga’s Calculated Shot Precept is now able to target Sensor Bars and Arc Traps.


It's Wednesday, better nerf Diriga.


Seriously though, Diriga's shocking abilities are the ones that should target turrets, cameras, and arc traps, not his attack precept. No need to have him waste those 6.7 seconds between shots to take out something so trivial.

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*screaming in a high pitch voice*





*cough* *cough*


*serius gentleman tone*

I mean, I'm pleased to see such improvements to the game experience by making Martial Fury reliable for combo usage.

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Hey Adam!  (Edit : OMG sorry thought it was Rebecca Oo )


The preview of the Saryn skin in the market shows her holding the Dual zoren skin (same preview as the bundle actually) which is not included. There's also no way to preview the new sugatra. (You might want to fix that typo in your post, that's not a syandana)


I'm not playing Saryn much but she really looks good ! ^^

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