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Invisible model, cant take damage, stuck under elevator, etc., etc.


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I've found some pretty serious bugs.

This happened twice when loaded the Earth - Everest map.

I couldnt see my model and I couldnt take any damage from shots. Only from area of effect damages like explosion or the grieners' knockback.


This happened at the next try on the map. However, a revive fixed it.


Stuck under the elevator. I could make it out thanks to super jump and a teammate sending the elevator back.


Sometimes the map is pretty fcked up. In this case I checked everywhere on the map where the payload could be but I didn't find anything and had to quit.


Needless to say what's the problem here. This also happened to a griener commander.


Also found bugs.

Got a challenge to kill 30 enemies on a defense map where only 13 was sent.

Got a challenge to hack a control module on an infestation map.

The "Über" challenge only says to use your warframe ability, it doesn't mention that you have to use your 4th ability.

Headshot challenge tells you to do 10 headshots and not headshot kills, also buggy at detecting if it was a headshot, also when you shot an infestation in the head it might tear down the head and you cant kill it with a headshot.

Elevator bug, me and a troll could use the elevator while it was moving, ended up stuck in there.

Sometimes couldn't pass opened doors while I could pass laser defense without taking damage.

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