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​​💥​​💥🌌🌌​ Quasars + Quasars Storm 🌌🌌​​​💥​​💥​​⭐ Now Recruiting ​​⭐

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We're back to recruiting!!! Please read on and post your details. We cannot respond to applications immediately but as soon as a recruiter is online we will get in touch..



About Us

We are an international clan,that has been active since 2013. Our main objective is to create a community that shares the passion of playing Warframe and pushing its limits, while maintaining a fun and cooperative atmosphere.

We aim to maintain and further our position as top Mountain and Storm tier clans by constantly improving our scores on the leaderboards. To meet this aim we ensure that our members always have access to the latest clan research and we encourage our members to assist each other and strive to be the best.


Requirements to apply to Quasars 

We are always looking for new devoted players with at least 700 hours in-game, Mastery Rank 20+, Discord, and are eager to lead future events or have participated in past ones.These players should display the following attributes:

Friendly: Engage with clanmates, treat others with respect, and connect with the clan Discord server (microphone optional, but highly encouraged).

Adaptable: Willing to take on different roles in a team and enjoys testing new Warframes, weapons, mods and team combinations.

Active: Help other clanmates in need, experiment with different play styles, or simply be sociable.

Competitive: We are an event clan and expect all our members to fully participate and strive to do well in all official leaderboard events. We always offer multiple Platinum prizes as an added incentive.


Clan Rules

We have a few rules that we expect all Quasarians to follow;

1) All clanmates should respect each other.

  • Please keep in mind that Quasars consists of players from all around the world. We will not tolerate attacks on a clanmates culture, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

2) Don't be inactive longer than 2 weeks without notifying a Quasars officer.

  • If a member is inactive for longer than 2 weeks then they are liable to be kicked anytime while inactive. If this happens, they can re-apply here to an Officer.

3) Write only in English in the clan chat.

  • We expect members to communicate in English in the public chat, but don’t worry if it isn’t your first language.


How to become a Quasar 

To apply to Quasars please reply to this thread asking to be recruited; include your IGN, Mastery Rank, Country, Current/previous clan, when you started playing warframe, your Discord ID and also feel free to include a little about yourself.

While we can’t guarantee everyone a place, recruiters will consider your request and get back to you as soon as possible!


Clan Promotion System

After joining, in order to get promoted in Quasars you can take a series of optional tests to determine your skill. Newly joined Quasarians will starts out as rank Nebula and will work their way up. Higher ranks don’t offer any advantages over other clanmates (except bragging rights, of course).

Clan Ranking Tests: 

1) Penumbra (Solo):

Possessing the following Warframes: (Prime = -1 Forma)

  • Khora (3 Forma)
  • Equinox (3 Forma)
  • Banshee (4 Forma)
  • Octavia (3 Forma)
  • Trinity (3 Forma)
  • Volt (4 Forma)
  • Rhino (4 Forma)
  • Wisp (3 Forma)
  • Wukong (3 Forma)
  • Nova (3 Forma)

As well as one of the following Amps

  • 177 (Raplak Prism with the Propa Scaffold and the Certus Brace)
  • xx4 (Any Prism, Any Scaffold and the Anspatha Brace)

And complete 50 rounds of Arbitration Defense in solo.

2) Singularity (Solo):

  • Complete 1hour Solo Survival on Mot, Void, Steel Path.

3) Aurora (Squad of 4 clan members) :

Complete 1 of the Zenith challenges. 

4) Zenith (Squad of 4 clan members):
Complete the following within a week:

  • 2 hours & 15.000+ kuva gathered from Taveuni, Kuva Fortress Steel Path. (30.000+ if you have a resource booster)
  • 100 Waves of Belenus, Void Steel Path.
  • 6,000 Mission Score on Despina, Neptune, Steel Path.

Disconnecting before a mission is completed will invalidate the attempt, but may still count for the rest of the squad depending on progression.

More information about ranking up can be found on Discord. 

Clan/Alliance Emblems

Quasars                         Quasars Storm                V Alliance

RealGold128.png     Qlite2.png     FyS9cb5TEHP4wM3qlR6qgc711maYiJcMkENSX8vg


Operation Achievements

Quasars Storm

  • Hostile Mergers: 1st


  • Hostile Mergers: 1st
  • Ambulas Reborn: 1st
  • Pacifism Defect: 1st
  • Rathuum: 1st
  • Shadow Debt: 1st
  • False Profit: 4th
  • Eyes of Blight: 2nd
  • Mutalist Incursions: 2nd
  • Grate Crash: 3rd
  • Cryotic Front: 3rd
  • Breeding Grounds: 1st 
  • Tethra's Doom Event: 5th 
  • Cicero Crisis Event: 11th 
  • Gravidus Event: 10th 
  • Arid Fear Event: 11th 
  • Kill Event: 12th 


In-Clan Events

We also love to challenge the global leaderboards outside of events.

Endless Excavation(Hieracon)

Stealth Exterminate Event

Orokin Derelict Defense

Happy Zephyr

Fastest 100 waves Tower 4 Defense

Endless Excavation(Triton)



RIP Raids As well as hosting multiple daily raids to suit various time zones, Quasars currently holds all records for all the currently available Trials, (Law of Retribution, Nightmare & The Jordas Verdict).


8 Banshee Raid

8 Hydroid Raid

8 Rhino Raid.(Warning: The video is loud)





Shadow Debt - 200 waves


200+ Waves ODD
100 Waves T4D
Bonus Image - Level 1600 Clem
Alliance Event on Elara Jupiter
3 Hour Tycho
3 Hour T3S
2 Hour T4S
30k Hieracon

10k Triton
10k Triton
50+ rounds T4I



To keep updated on our in-clan events and general clan information while outside the game, you can join our Forum Club. Our clan's VOIP is Discord, joining the chat would be useful for members doing Eidolons and leaderboard runs. We recommend using the same Discord name as your Warframe name. Quasars currently run both the Endurance Runs and Build Archives servers; One is for endurance runs that we excel at and the other is for teaching and builds

  • Clan Subforums: Quasars and Quasars Storm
  • V Alliance Discord: Link
  • Endurance Runs: Link
  • Build Archives: Link
  • Clan Discord: Link will be provided after joining the clan     



  • All current research completed, and all new research started within minutes of launch
  • Trading post with 0% clan tax 
  • 2 Dueling Rooms & Obstacle Course
  •  Custom obstacle course designed by Hiatel and featured on Prime Time (Link)


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IGN: --Q--Hel

MR: 18, 700+ hrs.
Country: Romania, fluent English speaker.
I've come back to WF two years ago, and have been playing actively for a year and a half. I admit I have been looking for a capable, active clan for a good while and I am quite happy to say that Quasars is one of the best, if not the best, I've come across so far, forum application wise. As such I request an invite to the clan, I have taken into account and agreed to the rules of the clan and would be glad to join your ranks.
Also I promise I'm not this formal @ chat.
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IGN: RedshirtEnsign

MR: 12, 260+ hrs.

Country: Australia - English


Looking to join an active clan and the guys I normally play do play with have recently moved to Quasar already. I subbed into a Q clan raid with them the other night and it was great. My MR is a bit low because for the first 100+ hrs I wasn't really levelling new frames/weapons so much as just getting better at the game, but I am non-stop levelling something at all times now (not including missions where I need to serve a crucial role and using top level gear/frame is essential, eg: frost, nova, nekros, etc). 


Cheers :)
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Dojo and relay party after receiving our gold trophy for shadow debt. I would like to thank all members who participated to make us number one.






Here's a drawing of --Q--Hel and --Q--Gelbug who got removed from the global leaderboards at the last minute.


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Hello Tenno's! I am interested to join Quasars

MR 20
635 h+

Timezone: GMT+1 (EU, Norway)
Speaking: English, norwegian, serbian, bosnian and croatian <-- if this is important :s

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