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I am Liverslices, I am an MR 24 and I've been playing for four years. I am from the US in the central time zone and am on daily. Currently, I'm in CMP but I am looking for a new clan.  I do have Discord and a good mic. 

I enjoy dumping forma on stuff and collecting statues.

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IGN: Kayleena

MR: 23 (near 24), 1403 hours (first account), 483 hours (second account), 1500 hours and maybe more (client no-steam), (i'm a player since the birth of this game)
Old Clan: Hyridium (friend of Hystoriic), Warframe HS (my new clan created by me for the experience to have a clan by my own)
Country: Italy, i speak English and a little of Spanish.

Other: I love to maximize all the weapon and frame to experiment how much power they can show (aklato12 forma f.e.), i'm expert for doing raids.
I'm thrusty loyalty and friendly player.
I have discord and ts3 (channel and server by my own).
Discord name: Nana
Teamspeak3 Name: PrincessRosalina
P.S. Hystoriic is my wife :inlove:.
P.P.S. --Q--Kyl0Ren i will thief your glyph of the my waifuu :satisfied:.
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IGN: Brorelia

Mastery Rank: 24

Hours on Profile:1919 (3163 on steam)

Location:west cost of the United States

Current/previous clan: Bad wolves/Bad Wolves Vandals

When you started playing warframe: July 2014
Event scores
Mutalist Incursions: 42:18
Eyes of Blight: 22,834,656
False Profit: 237
Shadow Debt: 27
Rathuum: 103
Pasifism Defect: 1408
Ambulas Reborn: 87

About me: favorite frame is Trinity which I like to run abating link as my go to build when facing anything likely to have armor but will gladly do EV, standard bless, or any other frame assuming i have a suitable setup available for said frame. 

My favorite primary is the kohm with 100% status chance slash + viral but also like using bows, throwing knives in general are my standard secondary, my favorite melee is Nikana which has resulted in me building 94 Dragon Nikana so far although I know some melee like Venka prime, Atterax and Galatine prime have better damage scaling and Zenistar has better utility. 

I was the guy who posted the Trinity prime lobster butt pic on Reddit a week before Trinity prime was out. My Discord is "Irelia Bot" but I can be found in the raid school bus discord as Brorelia under JV Veteran and that was the place where I first really found out about Quasars.

In a ghost clan that has been able to get to the top 10% with only 3 active players for the past few events but the rest of the clan seems to have become inactive over the past few months and I am finding myself wanting to find a more active clan that will keep things interesting.

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On 20.4.2017 at 9:43 PM, FxT_Black_Master said:

Hi, would like to join your event clan, also looking for speedrunning Raids.

  • IGN: FxT_Black_Master
  • MR: 24
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Language: English, German, Russian, and a grain of French
  • Hours played: 2596

Have every available Frame several times fully build (eg 2 rhino, 1 buff 1 cc)
own 99% of all Weapons and all of them have formas.

Lor best time: 11:31 (243 succesful runs)
LorNM best time: 11:44 (167 succesful runs)
JV best time: 16:15 (75 succesful runs)

lastest event, Pacifism Defect 1,016 points (was at top 1 for my old clan TAW)

Was in Clans:

  • Panzerfaust (Ice alliance)
  • Taw
  • THC (German Elite)



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IGN: Chiraji
MR: 24
Country: France
Languages: French, English
Current Clan: HypErioN

Started playing in April 2016 and currently have 1170 hours in game

I'd like to join your clan because we share a will to be the best :)

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IGN: -jertak-

MR :20

Country: USA

Languages: English, Chinese

Hours in game: 783

Current Clan: None (Previously Quasars)

Formerly a Q (Aurora), looking to return back to this awesome clan. I had to take a break from Warframe due to studies but now things have died down and I am back. 

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IGN: MayBeOutOfDate

MR :24

Country: Italy

Languages: Italian,English

Hours in game: 1994 (3430 on steam)

Current Clan: Hyridium 

Discord: MayBeOutOfDate

Hello, I am looking for an active and competitive clan 

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I am MR20

1762 hours

IGN: ChrisTH


Hey, I would like to join your clan, was told about it by one of my mates that are in it as well, RedFenixIII, where we were both founders of The Tenno Primes. Started playing warframe when it still came out with the founders edition, unfortunately I did not buy that pack, damn Excaliber Prime!! Originally from South Africa but am now living and working in the UAE. I have discord, but its restricted in this country, so I can only listen to conversations, not reply back because of the intense lag.

Edited by ChrisTH

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MR : 19 / 967 hrs

Country : Czech

Languages : Eglish,Czech,Russian,Ukrainian

General Info : Daily Active, raider (no JV though)

Nothing interesting : Would like to change my nick asap after you let me in ^^

Edited by --RV--Wolf
higher mr, more hrs

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IGN: Absintos

MR: 16/580 hours  on steam

Country: Romania

Languages: Romanian/English.

Other: I am a former member of the  clan. I took a long break from the game but decided to strat again. I had 2 rank up tests passed:

                                                                Singularity - page 5 Absintos

                                                                Penumbra - page 6 Absintos

         I have been an active player on discord back then that used to take part in events and help others when i could.

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IGN: AYellowDrago

MR: 24

1617 Hours In game / 2589 hours on Steam

Started Warframe in January 2016

Country: Canada

Current Clan is Meiyo which is the clan of my friend who introduced me to this game but does not frequent anymore. Discord is the same as IGN.

Very Active and well versed in game mechanics including raids. Competitive and efficient.



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IGN: Satyasokei 

Mastery Rank: 24

I was part of the third highest team for the Pacifism Defect for players.

I know --peak-- and JasonSlay.

I'm active.

I have been invited to your discord. If you want to discuss more then just message me. 



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  • IGN- Fknreapz
  • Mastery- 15 on PC just came back 2 weeks ago (19 on Ps4 1.5 years ago)
  • Country- USA
  • Looking for and elite clan so i haven joined anything permanently
  • Started playing warframe a little after release on PC up to mastery rank 6ish then move to Ps4.  There i was part of one of the biggest alliances and achieved mastery rank 19.  My storm clan was a elite group of rail fighters the defended and conquered rails.  We also had MOT endurance groups where i went 8 hours (that was when it was actually hard).
  • -Discord- Yes preferred actually.
  • -over 15 years of competitive gaming.  Was a member of the DROW organization for over 11 years where i was sponsored in multiple competitive raid teams ranging from Warhammer online, Final fantasy online, WoW and Wildstar.  Recently i just retired from WoW Mythic progress raiding with the number one progression raiding guild in the US and top 5 in the world named LIMIT.  I have retired from that scene due to shift work and having 3 kids.  I still maintain high play time and am researching when not online.  * years Marine Corps experience and i am 31 years old.  I meet all requirements and can be flexible in all situations.  I like to play at a high level with like minded individuals that i can depend on and as well can depend on me.

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 MR 24,


English speaker

1817 hours in game (tracked by Steam)

1011 hours tracked by warframe

Current clan is Demonic Space Pirates (DSP)

started playing one and half years ago
I'm looking for a competitive clan and from what I've heard Quasars is that; hope to hear back from you soon.

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IGN --Q--Avaritia

MR 21

Country: PH

Returning player hoping to get back into the clan :D

I had to take a break due to studies

miss doing stuff with the clan and be active again


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koska on syksy eivätkä mansikat kypsy.

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IGN: Dini
MR: 24, 700+ hrs.
Country: United States - English
Came back to Warframe last December and haven't stopped playing since. I've participated in all the past events as long as I was able to be online then. I'm just looking forward to getting into a higher clan (Currently in Remnants of the Void). Not sure if it's needed, but I have raided quite a bit of Warframe Discord and the Warchat discord. Hope you guys consider me :)

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