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IGN: BinBaz

MR: 25

Country: Oman

Current clan: None

Started Playing: October 2015

Hours Played: +2600

Discord: Yes, El Profesor#1002

I am active every day, competitor and dealer player. I played Warframe since 2015 until now i didn't stop

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IGN: Nipponese

MR: 24 

Country: New Zealand 

Current/previous clan: Vexatus Saeva (sadly died), Remnants of the Void (not really my cup of tea)

I started playing Warframe in October of last year. Since then, I have managed to reach 600 hours of playtime, so obviously I love the game (maybe a bit too much?). I would like to join Quasars. I'm really looking forward to meeting other like-minded players in your clan, and more than willing to use Discord to interact/socialise! 

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IGN:  --NO--Dimav 



Country: Italy 

 Language: Italian/English/ also a bit of Russian 

I use Discord/Ts3 as well 

Already done several endless run like 2h in Mot in solo ; 75 Belenus Waves ; 55 Waves of interception.
Hope yo join in your clan! 🕛


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IGN: Skyripa98


636 hours (i was mr25 on ps4 1600hr+)

Country: Italy

Language: Italian/English

Discord: Skyripa98#8129

i'm looking a real competitive clan

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IGN: triet253

MR: 9  123 hours

Country: USA   Language: English

I've been played WF since it first released at that time there are just few of players so I deleted it. Just came back 5 months ago and I'm a solo player but after all I feel like I couldn't really enjoy WF as a solo player I need some allies friends or clan. I found your clan are the best place for me. Thanks!!!


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Hey,  I wasn't sure whether you guys made exceptions or not, but I will post this regardless.


IGN : Platinum

MR 16

694 Hours

Country : Canada

Language : English

Current Clan : TCPI

I started this December

I have discord, Sarcasm#9990

I would love to join Quasars 

I'm a friendly student currently residing in Canada, and I'm a big fan of warframe and would love to join a clan where I could grow and get to meet new people

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IGN : limangpiso

MR : 15

Hours : 1011h

Current Clan: none

Country : Philippines

language : English / Filipino

I used to be a member of Quasars back then but i became inactive because of some IRL stuffs. I'm looking to come back and take this game seriously again.

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On 2018-06-26 at 11:58 PM, WooNNx said:

in-game nick : WooNNx 

member since 2013 

Mr : 22

hours +1254

language English

location : Lithuania

age : 26 

clan history  : --RV-- , -nvbs-

if no slot on Q , im available to join Qlite too ty


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IGN: ColdFire12345

MR: 18, 504 hours
Country: England, only language i speak is english.
I want to apply for Q Lite.
Been playing on and off for 3 years but started playing everyday around a year ago. i have discord also
currently in the Crazy Kingdom clan.looking for something more active
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