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IGN: Dog49

MR 25, 2000+hours

Country: China

Language: English, Chinese, Cantonese

Previous Clan: Keron Planet ( A small clan I created, but the clan members are too new to have a common language with me )

Want to join: Quasars (I can wait)

Discord: Lunaro Training Bot (Dog49)#0802

I have played since Nov. 2015. I am really interested in Quasars. Also, I need a chance to practice my English. I am a university student in Canada now. I hope I can integrate into the English community.

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IGN: HorganicOrzio

MR 18 600+ hours started back in 2016 and took short breaks in between

Country: U.S

Language: English 

Looking to join: Quasars

Discord: Horganic#7788 (please msg me in  discord)

Endurance runs my thing. 


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01. IGN: Teonanacatl.
02. MR: 21
03. In game: ~730hrs since 2017
04. Country: Russia
05. Language: Russian, English
06. Discord: Teonanacatl.#2037
07. Want to join: Quasars or Quasars Lite
08. Players known in clan: --Q--NamenBars, --Q--Plenigni, --Q--EValueAction, Hentides (--Q--Nillioniel)
09. Interested in competitve stuff (events, wr, challenges,speedruns & etc)

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IGN: honey_green
MR: 14 going on 15
Country: New Zealand
Previous clan: DrasticDemise
When I started: Mid-July 2018
Discord: Yes
Would love to join both clans. Am looking to join a clan with active members that has some players in the OCE timezone. Love the social aspect of clans so hope this one can fulfill it : )

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IGN: Booben 

MR: 25

Country: Singapore (GMT+8)

Current/previous clan: The Five Petals

 When I joined warframe: Around 2 years ago. Login number is reaching 850, and I have logged in consistently every single day. 

Discord: Booben#7865

Which clan you would like to join: Quasars/Quasars Lite

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IGN: Jeffrey1999
MR: 19 and 1/5th
Coutry: Sweden
Current Clan: DCPI (Debug Clan Please Ignore)
Started playing warframe in 2013, been a little inactive here and there but im back in the game and I'm planning to stay, I've got 649hrs played and I'm hoping to reach at least 1000 by the end of 2018. Love the competitive side of things so if a challenge comes up I'm sure to be there for it. I do have access to discord and can speak english fluently. Would like to join Quasars.

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IGN: Kaykonio



Language: English,Turkish,Italian

Time Played: 230 Hours

I would love to join a competetive clan because i cant find people to do relic runs relic farms eidolon fighting and eso.And I would love to participate in events

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IGN: niblo

MR: 25

Hours Played: 1949h

Country: Slovenia (EU),

Language: English, Slovenian

Current clan : Bloody Vanguard

About me: i started warframe in 2013, i play it pretty much 24/7, i play as much warframe as i can, i try to play atleast 1h per day if i dont have a lot of time. Warframe for me is a childhood game that i am super attached to, i was 13 when this game came out, now im 18, it sounds silly but i cinda grew up with this game, thanks to DE. I am very nice person, i like to contribute to dojo, i can also decorate, i love to help new players if they need me for taxi or just help in general.

Discord: NibloKernNik #6219

i would like to join: Quasars, Quasars lite clan


Thank you for your attention!

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IGN: Kirtzy


Country: India

Language: English

Current Clan: It was a small ghost clan with some college mates but they are inactive now been in CM and RV before

In-game time: 2300 hours in mission time

i have Discord and i am re applying to quasars , i had applied in june and was accepted but there was no place in the main clan and i was told to wait in the sister clan , my pc had a lot of problems and i didnt use warframe.com for 2 months , i would like to join quasars or wait in quasars lite

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IGN: AntyoveRXQ

MR 25

3087 Hours

Country: Brazil

Discord: AntyoveRXQ#7472


About me: I started playing in January 2017 without any pretensions over time was enjoying the game and improving the style of play and builds to grow and evolve within the game. It was only two clans because when I enter a precise clan of a very strong reason to leave it was already from Warframe Brazil Darkness and I am currently in the Law of Exile.


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IGN: -WBA-Erick

MR: 25

Hours Played: 1380

Country: Brazil

Language: Portuguese is my first language but I can talk in English too

Current clan : Warframe Brazil Darkness

About me: I don't play for as long as I would like, but I have a great in-game experience. I try to play every day and find new goals daily. I already motivated to finish all codex, to have all the weapons of the game in the inventory and polarized, I loved doing the Raids / Jordas and I loved to monopolize the weekly kills rank and to do a lot of kills. (including Fusion Moa and Grineer Informer). I dedicate myself a lot to the game and I am willing every day to help people and receive tips and experience coming from the players more veteran or with more knowledge than I. When I was getting into the weekly ranks of kills, I always ran into Quasars in the other ranks. I became a huge fan. I always enjoyed spending several hours inside missions with my friends, we already got to spend 8 hours in ODS and 6 hours in Mot. I think I lost the missions accounts with more than 3 hours we did haha. I always liked playing squad. I hope to help as I can and share great moments with the clan members. I'm not very fluent in English, but I can type quietly. I hope I can contribute to this great clan and be able to help those who need it.

Discord: -WBA-Erick#0478

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In-Game Name: Naagore

Mastery Rank: 25

In-Game Playtime: 3628 as of this post.

Country and language: Spain, spanish as second language and can communicate in english.

Current clan: Space Shark Incorporated

Discord: Sleeping#9827

About me: I like milk and quackers.




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1. IGN: -SW-Kraken
2. MR: 25
3. In game: 3665 hrs since 2016
4. Country: Ukraine
5. Language: Russian, Ukraine, English
6. Discord: Kr4k3n#7351
7. Current clan: SaintsWarriorsBlack
8. Want to join: Quasars 
9. Players known in clan: --Q--NamenBARS, --Q--Plenigni, Teonanacatl.

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A quick clan update!

Had a very productive clan meeting yesterday, will be hopefully posting updates in the near future on our clan page.

Everyone, no matter if you've applied/waiting to/lurking/just curious about Q, are more than welcome to our subforum. Click below to join now!

Some updates will be cross-posted here if applicable, and thank you everyone who's applied for your patience 😄

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In-Game Name: StarComrade

Mastery Rank: 21

In-Game Playtime: 785 as of this post.

Country and language: United States, English language.

Current clan: The Black Rabbit Company

Discord: Star#5432

Want to join: Quasars preferably, if not then Quasars Lite.

About me: Been playing Warframe since 2016, my most active game that I play right now, and has been for the last 2 years. As of this post, it has been 2 years since I joined. I've had experience in a Mountain Clan as an admin, and in a Moon Clan that I just left recently as an admin as well. I left to join my current clan, an up and coming Ghost clan to help out my IRL friends, but they now have other obligations so I'm looking to get in on some action, and hopefully join Q to become a part of a community again. If that doesn't work out, Q Lite is fine as well.

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Hours: 648

Country: U.S

Current Clan: Reminants of the Void 

Discord: Horganic#7788

Want to join: Quasars

About me: well this is my 2nd time applying for this clan haha and if I don’t. Get accept which hopefully I will but if I don’t I will eventually apply again but enough about that, I started this game in 2016 and enjoyed the #*!% out of it however I soon had nothing to do and was burnt out. That was around the time PoE came out however after a while I eventually came back to the  game I love and got almost everything I missed, now a days im farming in Cetus or doing endurance runs, I know I have almost no operation scores but please don’t let that discourage you, it was simply unfortunate events every time a leader board event came up I was gone from the game however for the next one I will be grinding my ass off so please accept me 🙂

PS: msg me on discord @ Horganic#7788

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IGN: KazzM8

MR: 25

Hours: 1162

Country: Portugal

Previous clan: Remnants of the Void

Started playing: Jan 2016

Discord: KazzM8#2018, I'm pretty much always online.

Applying for: Quasars

Warframe is probably my favourite game, but after the death of raids I burned out to the point where I just started doing daily logins for the rewards, and the absolute lack of worthwhile content really didn't help. With Fortuna coming up and, hopefully, some actual operations, I figured I'd start getting ready. I left RV because for a 1000 member clan it looked pretty damn empty, and a couple friends leaving was the last straw. I know you're way more active, so I figured I'd give it a shot and apply here.

If you need to talk to me, a PM on discord is the fastest way to reach me.

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kisspng-warframe-fan-art-excalibur-drawing-warframe-5accea44aeee47.1101710815233787567165.pngName: Leonardo Rodrigues                        

Nick: -TPF-zSCOT

Age: 24

Country: Brasil

Language:   Portuguese  , Spanish,   English 

Clan: -TPF-Academy

Discord: Zscot # 3846

Joined: 22/09/2014

I am currently in a clan where I am the leader, but will leave when I receive a notification.


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