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IGN: Kezra
MR: 23 for now
Country: German, fluent English (written and spoken)
Currently in: Remnants of the Void

Started playing Warframe around 3-4 months ago after a 5-year break (when I briefly touched the game after its release on Steam).
Surely do have Discord and would like this application to be for both Clans, as it's my understanding that the main hub for building groups is Discord (in which both clans are joint).

I'm a passionate NaMmer, so don't mind me if I NaM a bit in chat; also a college student with too much free time.


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IGN: --Q--OwN3D7

MR: I Lost my main profile with 1500+ hours. Now i'm Rank 25 with 900 hours.

Country: Italy

Age: 21

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Current Clan:  MECHA DOME

Interested in applying for: Quasars

When I started playing: 2013

Discord: OωƝ3Ɗ7#7871

I would like join since my friends told me good things about that clan. You are a good competitive clan, so I think it will be perfect for me since I like to do every kind of endgame contents and partecipate in events.

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IGN: Throne-

MR: 21 1590 hours

Country: Brazil

Age: 18

Languages: Portuguese, English and spanish

Current Clan: Warframe Brazil Darkness

Interested in applying: Quasars

Discord: Throne#2067


I am looking for a clan that has players and that makes all type of mission and in that that I am at the moment does not have players for such done. I would like to attend to give my best and thus help the cla even more


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IGN: MrKlah

MR: 25 (847h played on the profile)

Country: Canada

Current Clan: Les Popo

Started playing:  May 2018

Discord: Klaha#2569

Languages: FR / EN

Applying forQuasars / Quasars Storm (I do prefer the Quasars' purplish logo, but that's just a fashion thing, I want to join the Quasars' family)

About me: I fairly recently started the game but I must say that I fell in love with it. I feel like I missed so many stuff these past years... I heard stories about frames slashing stuff, wings deplyoed to their highest potential, things almost forgotten (even if I can hear everyday how the players miss raids)... And now I am actively playing, and would like to be part of future stories and challenges, in your rank.

What I like to do, and currently doing, completing everything that can be acquired ingame, endless runs, speed runs, archwing runs (yes yes I do like that stuff I and I would like to be fully ready for railjack), and usuall daily farm / formating.

From the inside, I know how active your clans are, the challenges you are offering, the limits you are pushing. I would love to participate to all your events.


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On 2017-03-07 at 4:54 PM, --Gjusandros-- said:

IGN redflag8 , Mastery Rank 24 , Country Greece, Current/previous clan Dunamis(storm clan) ,i started 1 year ago,Discord BLU#9386, I would like to join Quasars . Now somethink about myself i wasnt into warframe that match was playing for fun when i got introdused to a warframe streamer that was on your clan and that made me wanting to play more seriusly. 


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IGN: Curtharv

MR: 20 (940+ hours in profile, 830h+ on steam, didnt link account until much later on)

Country: Greece

Age: 25

Current Clan: Rightful Power

Discord: Curtharv#7440

Languages: Greek / English

Interested in applying for: Quasars /Quasars Storm

About me: Started warframe in 2015, as obviously seen havent really bothered raising my mastery rank as i was usually focusing on the gameplay itself. I like to play warframe for its community and relaxing nature. I mainly find myself doing eidolon hunts (and raids when those were still a thing) while trying to find some people to play with. Always wanted to find an active and friendly clan so when i asked Tenekay about it i just had to apply here.

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IGN: -ReV-ClawX7

MR: 25 (1850+ hours played, 3400+ on steam)

Country: Egypt (kek)

Age: 21 

Languages: English/Arabic

Current Clan: Revolution

Interested in applying for: Quasars or Quasars Storm (prefer Quasars because that's where my friends are and also that purple emblem)

When I started playing: 2014

Discord: ClawX7#6606

About me: College kid with free time. Played this game and dived into its mechanics deep enough to call myself a true veteran. I'm usually chill to be around. I know about quasars back when my clan was in the ICE alliance with it. I find myself doing Eidolon hunts and endurance runs out of boredom, and I'd like an active clan to keep me company. Speaking of Eidolon hunts, I know Yzug, Alchameth and Mattorix from Warframe Exploration Hub we're moderating. 

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IGN: --BL--Sardonyx

MR: 24 (1324 hours)

Country: Philippines

Age: 16

Languages: English/Filipino

Current Clan: None

Interested in applying for: Quasars or Quasars Storm 

When I started playing: 2014

Discord: Teeeeemo#8875

About me: I'm senior high school, with a lot of free time playing video games while having a balance with my school and other activities. I'm friendly and kind too. Would play other games too if someone invites me.

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IGN: Sirlogan155

 2300 hours played.

Country: USA

Language: English

Discord: sirlogan155#5214

Finished in top 436 individually in pacifism defect. Top performer of lvl30wizards which finished 5th for mountain clans.

I love doing my best to to try to top the leader boards, I just have always struggled finding a good clan to do it with. I have been playing on and off since early 2013 but i'm hoping to find a place to call home and stay for good this time. I'm interested in joining either clan. I really hope you guys will consider me a good addition. Thank you for the consideration either way!

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IGN: -Bliekord-

MR: 23

Current clan: Freezing Death

Country: Canada

Interested in joining: Quasars

Discord ID: Hibiya#3891

About me: [insert generic excuse for emblem] Looking for a community to enjoy challenging end game content with, I started playing since 2013 but have been off and on every now and then, but I always find myself coming back for hard endurance runs such as Eidolons. I am one of the author for a 5x3 Guide and a part of the ORH, and I'd think I would be a good asset to this clan.

Edited by -Bliekord-
Updated about me section.
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IGN: Snipyer

MR: 25 (1500+ hours)

Country: Algeria

Age: 24

Previous Clan: WARBREED

Discord: Snipyer#1578

Languages: Arabic / English / French

Interested in applying for: Quasars / Quasars Storm

About me: I started playing in Feb 2016, very active in game and in discord, looking for an active clan with highly skilled members to farm/hunt/event with.

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I would like to join 

IGN: seb2110

Mastery Rank: 25

Country: Denmark

Previous clan: Remnants of the Void

when you started playing warframe: July 27th, 2014

Discord: yes, seb2110#8955

which clan you would like to join: Quasars

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IGN: DongInDawrong

MR: 25

Current clan:  invis_ppl

Time:  2217 hours  in game

Country: SEA (Nepal)

Interested in joining: Quasars Storm

Discord ID:  cswl#2826

About me:      I have been competitive in the past..  with some clan events like Ambulas and Pacific.. 

I have been on and off playing Warframe but I have all the gears and frames... 
If a clan event comes..  which hasnt since over a year..  I will give my best I can..
Also looking for people to play/explore Fortuna...  since my old clan doesnt have much ppl..

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IGN: --Q--Ilmamrh

Mastery Rank: 22

Country: Indonesia (GMT+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta.

Current/previous clan: Crescent Moon Prime/ Quasars.

When you started playing warframe: 4 years ago.

Hours: 2844 hours.

Interested in applying for: Quasars

Discord: --Q--Ilmamrh#8456


I have been playing this game for a long time and I don't see myself stopping anytime. I love the event stuff and I want to contribute as much as I can. I actually used to be in the Quasars but kicked due to inactivity for around 2 weeks maybe because i had college examination. I was in the Quasars first time when --Q--DringPleasure69, --Q--Lebellium was a Warlord and --Q--Akrasul was an Officer. I was one of the top contributors when Breeding Grounds event if i not mistaken the name of the event and I loved to contribute more on the event and having the ability to contribute somehow to the common goal. I'd like to rejoin Quasars and when the next warframe event and clan event comes, I loved to be one of the contributors again.
Thank you for your time. Good day😁

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IGN: 8darkness

MR: 25 

Country: United States of America

Age: 21

Previous Clan: Remnants of the Void

Time: 896+ Hours

Discord: Intel Core i5‑7600K#5931

Languages: English / Korean

Interested in applying for: Quasars Storm

About me: Salutations! I'm currently a university student studying at UMD and with some time on my hands decided to play Warframe again. My interest in joining Quasars is to participate in an active and healthy community that I can spend my time with and share a positive atmosphere. With the College semester coming close to an end I plan on being much more active on Warframe. Thank you for spending your time to read this post! 

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