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-Yo.. Well im applying again I know im not meeting the requirement BUT Its quite boaring to rank up mastery..i like to do some serious farming runs and make build for warframes..

so ye not gonna rank up mastery for a while..well here is my umm things

-IGN - ItsJoYWTF (might change to a better one )

- MR 18 Played 600+ in just 4 months OOoof (started playing months ago but was not good at the game and was doing high runs so I die evrytime so irritienting so quit for a while but hey her I am again)

-country - India

-Language - hindi, English

-My current clan is Leviathan and I am in this clan since 5months ( no previous clan as I only stayed in mayb 2 or 3 clans for like just 1 or 2 days )

-I started playing warframe sep 2018 but then I quit it in nov 2018 cause I was NYUB and didn't was the hell to do in this.. I played it like 3 times in a week then ..and then after some quest after like in march I started playing it addictively ..and so on

- Discord ID - Aexie17#4065

-About MEH = Well I like to do some good runs of survival Ethetr if its a arbi or a relic survival, and like to do eidolons hunt and Duo exploiter orb, like to make fashion frames (but I am not a very good at it ) , I am a spy and survival type Player don't really like defense that much but yeh can do if needed, I like killing bosses for Fun Speacially Ropalolyst and exploiter orb.

And Since this emperian Update I like To do piloting the Railjack kinda fun nad sabotaging other crewship and control over them.. And really like to play with a good Team that can provide help if needed and is good coordinated with team ( that's what  im expecting from this clan also) And I really want to take SS of that 1000 lvl CLEM haha. 

Also Trrying to learn more about it as its a VERY BIG GAME..dont expect me to know everything about it..but mostly I know.

WEll that's all.. Looking forword to ya

RIP ENGLIZ reeeeeeeee


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IGN - Zaedon2000

MR-  20

Country- Sri Lanka

Language- English, Sinhala & Tamil

previous clanNightfall Gladiators

Discord tag - Zae#6029

Started playing on - September 1st 2017

Hours - 1051 hours (steam), 560 hours (wf ingame)

Hello there, I started Warframe back in 2017 and stopped it when raids were removed and got busy with uni work after that. I started Warframe again recently and would like to join an active/competitive and a friendly clan. I have played raids and couple of missions with some people from Quasars and it was quite fun.

looking forward to your reply.


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IGN - Shockalote3624

MR - 18

Language - English

Discord tag - Shockalote#5932

Started playing on - August 16th 2014

Hours - 1700 hours (steam)

Hi, I've started wanting to join a clan because I want a group to play Railjack with. I've been playing for a long time and use discord a lot. I would love to join this clan.

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IGN: -.Lagg.Spike.Fpiz-.

MR: 23 -- 1058 hrs (in-game)

Country: Italy

Current clan: KingDark

Started playing on February 2019

Discord: Fpiz_#0725


I almost play only Eidolon (including relative farming), Profit Taker multiple runs and some Arbitration (excavation only), I find enjoyable helping new people.

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IGN: -PandaGFX-

MR: 21

Hours: 714 (in-game) 1190(steam)

Country: Portugal/England/Australia (currently in EU)

Current Clan: VirMortalis

When I started: 5/1/16 (on this account), late 2015 I started playing on other accounts, I vaguely remember since I barely played and I was young

Discord: PandaGFX#1056

About me: I am a competitive person that always strives for the best. I will work as part of a team, or as a leader. My previous game was Paladins, where I reached top 200 global. My mechanical skills are pretty high (aim/reaction time/tracking), and I have a pretty in depth knowledge in Warframe including Warframes, metas, how to build properly and I also trade quite a lot. I was born in Australia but I'm Portuguese. I also speak English/Portuguese fluently 😄

Thanks! 🙂

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Ign - GlowingDiamond778

MR - 13.5

Country - US

170 hours

Started playing a couple of months ago, got a pretty good hang of the game and the in-depth mechanics, test me 😉

Current Clan - Angels Of General Wishy

Discord - GlowingDiamond#5053

I’m interested to join this “endgame” clan because I myself have found myself to be doing a lot more content that people my MR shouldn’t be doing. 


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Forgot Discord #, Forgot Hours
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IGN: Telostai

Mastery Rank: 27

Country: United States

Current/previous clan: Ethereal Tides

Discord ID: Telostai#0916

A bit about me: Started playing back in the day (Grandmaster Founder), but only recently came back in July. I came back to a mastery rank 10ish account and got hooked. I've done all of this grind to MR27 basically solo, so I'm looking for people to play with. I really prefer to hang out in Discord voice chat, so I'm hoping that's a thing here.

Additional info: 750 hours in game

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IGN                         : Starfrenzy

Mastery Rank        : 21

Country                  : TR

Previous Clan        : Aurora Gladiators

Started Playing in  : November 2017

Discord ID              : Serhan#0495

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IGN : ein3016

MR: 17, almost 18

1000+ hours 

Country: India (On holidays right now, will go back to stay in Australia halfway through January.) 

Language: English

I am very interested in your clan, I was in a clan before but sadly I was kicked for being inactive since I took some time off to go on holidays. I play warframe every day and I like to participate in all sorts of events. I also like to teach newer players how to play warframe and some of the mechanics of the game. I started playing warframe around midway of 2017, and I have been playing almost nonstop from that time :). I would appreciate it if I could join your clan as I like to meet new people and have a good time while playing my favourite game, cheers! 

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IGN: --EU--Feitan

MR: 20

Country: Croatia

When I started playing: 5 months ago

Discord ID: --EU--Fietan #1220

Little bit about me: I come from competitive games/sports such as Futsal, Table Tennis, League of Legends, Paladins, I scored high ranks in both games, peaking diamond 1 in league and masters in Paladins, so competitive environment is nothing new to me. I'd like to join, because this seems like a great opportunity to join a competitive clan with a lot of experienced people who also share the same passion for the game as I do.

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IGN : CGs_Mura
MR : 22 but enough  to get more 
Country : France
Current Clan : The Cursed Guardians
Discord : CGs_Mura#4052

I started playing 4years ago , I got 1100h , I love doing long runs , arbitration & event.

Edited by CGs_Mura
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Paranoia_Agent MR 27

Las Vegas, Nevada. USA. 

Currently with clan Flow. 

Started playing since Beta. 1500+ hours. I take breaks once in a while so I don't get burnt out. I like long walks on the beach, the sun in my face and a stiff drink in my hand. 

Andalusian#4058 is my discord

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IGN: Newline1

MR: 23

Country: Romania

Discord: Newline#5586

When I started playing: ~2 years ago

556 hours in game, also owner of Zeroness529(MR 14) with 210 hours in game. Looking forward to joining


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IGN: mousen

Mr: 28

Hours: 4300 (according to in game count)

Discord: mousen#8444

Country: Belarus

History: started playing in 2013, stopped playing after a while. Came back ~2 years ago

Current Clan: unaffiliated

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IGN : Johnny-UE

Time : 1500+

Language : English/Czech republic

Discord : JohnnyPrime#3427

Previous clan : Beeswarm

Interested in : Quasars moutain please :o 

Few words : I like doing eidolon hunts, profit taker and a lot of endgame stuff.  I'm not the best english speaker but I'm doing my best every day. And when i play eidolons i play with somany Q peoples :) 

Edited by Johnny-UE
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IGN: XorentX

Age: 23

Time in game: 2000+ Hours

Country: Italy

Time Zone: GTM+1

Language: English and Italian

Discord: Xorent#9132

NOTE: i like play long run of any defence arbitration and Long run of Mot and Kuva Surv and I'm interested to enter in Quasars Storm





Edited by XorentX
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IGN: BadGeneration
MR: 28
Country: Italy
Time Played: 3800+ (in Game)
Current Clan: The Revenger
Previous Clan: nVbs
Year Started: 2013
Language: Italian/English
Discord: BadGeneration#6306
Interested in joining: Quasar/Quasar Storm
I am a italian boy, i study at the university economics and finance. I've been playing since 2013 and after a little break i'm back to play. I have some friend in your clan and i'd like to get in and give my modest contribution to both the clan and the events. See you soon

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IGN: --Brandt--

MR28 (Time played 2568 hours, Steams says 5722 hours)

Country: US

Previous clan: Cephalon Shy

Started: March 2018

Discord ID: dbrandt01#1814 I would change my display name to match my IGN if accepted.

Interested in Quasars mountain

About me: For the past 2568 hours I have been a solo player. Yesterday I decided to start playing with a friend and I have been playing pubs for fissures today. Previously I never applied to your clan since I was scared to play missions with others, I felt at that time I wasn't a good fit. Now that I'm getting over that , I want to push Warframe further and see how it's played with other people. 

Reason for edit: Just left my clan to be ready to join another clan.

Edited by --Brandt--
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IGN: Philip.

MR: 28. Time played 1710 Hours (+3000 Steam)

Country: Central America

Previous Clan: Other Heaven

Started: December 2017 - January 2018

Discord: Philip.#2285

Languages: Spanish-English

I've been looking for an active clan for a long time, with which I can be sociable, and do a bit more challenging missions, being in clans where I haven't been able to find these circumstances concretely. Where you can be active and participate with other people. Regarding my languages, I am fluent in English but not perfectly, being Spanish my main language. Like Eidolon Hunts and really want to learn long Arbis stuff

Edit 2: Left my clan so i can join other

Edited by Philip.
Clarify information/Update information
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 IGN: xPartizan
 Mastery Rank:26 over 2000 h played
 Current/previous clan:the wolfpack clan
Started to play around 2 years and a half i guess?
Discord ID:Teo#0044

well, playing the game for some time in a more or less lonely way, your clan seem active and i would like to try to join it

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