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IGN: -SW-Meln1K (will change if i'll get invite)
MR: 28
Country: Russia
Language: Russian, English
Discord: Meln1K#7959
Previously clan: SaintsWarriorsGREEN
Want to join: Quasars Storm
Players known in clan:  --Q--namenBARS, .cat, Nonqui, mousen, --Q--leo0o, ChaffeeHon
About me: I am responsible, calm and modest person.

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IGN: --Q--Dystopia
Mastery Rank: 28
Play-time: 1700+ ingame hours
Country: Hong Kong / United Kingdom
Previous clan: Soy Sauce Union(Formerly Officer rank) 
Started playing: 3 years ago
Discord ID: Dystopia#0725
About me: 

Have been afk since the fortuna update and came back two months ago then started grinding, now mr 28 and 549/552 completed. (one kuva weapon and two sigma series weapons)

Fluent in both English and Chinese

Extremly active because no lifer (12 hours active online ingame each day)

Im willing to help out anyone if its in my capability

solo/public player and also capable of high wave run within squad.

RJ is now 10-10-9-10 and have around 100 point left to farm .

RJ intrinsics screenshot

12:25 solo tridolon when under 80 total captured (still practicing)

1000lv disruption (pre statues rework)

Profit-Taker sub 4mins without zenith (0 forma chroma)

Sorry for chinese in screeenshots. I log on to Chinese for communication with friends.

My reason for applying is because the previous clan is dying in the competitive side because old player is retiring and they're recruiting new player everyday which is bringing the skill level of the clan down, i wanted to get into a more competitive clan and take over the leaderboard in upcoming event.

And now that i almost finished farming for MR, im interested in doing endgame level run, theres not many people in Soy Sauce clan who are capable of doing >1000 lv run so i quit them and hope that i will have a chance in the Quasars.

Specifically interested in join Quasars mountain, thank you.

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Mastery Rank: 28
Play-time: 2418
Country: Russia
Previous clan: AGRESSOR
Started playing: 2014 
About me:Hello everyone My name is Vyacheslav,I am 28 years old and live in Moscow. I've been playing warframe since 2014.I have an average knowledge of English, at the level of the school curriculum. I hope this doesn 't interfere with becoming a member of your team.I am cheerful, purposeful. I work as a designer. Hobbies: drawing, sports. Before was in clan AGRESSOR, held office Deputy head of the clan. The reason for leaving , the clan dies out due to the reluctance to develop and recruit new players.When I was in the clan took the top 3 at the event. Thank you for listening to me, I hope you will accept me. Good day to you and good mood!

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IGN: xMissKitten
Mastery Rank: 18
Play-time: 407 hours according to current in game stats
Country: United States
Previous clan: Space Sharks united 
Started playing: 2.5 months ago
Discord ID: MissKitten#8992
Players known in the clan: l3tk evaluateaction  kr4ken
About me:

I'm a grinder, i play games to push the boundaries. With only having 2-2.5 months since I started warframe i'm MR 18 w/ a completed star chart, fortuna and cetus max rep 115+ hydrolist caps and about 6 frames formad multiple times for long endurance / survial solo or group along with defense and escavation.  I'm primarily looking to join a this clan because I know players with actual experience and in game knowledge are here. Some of my builds have been recommended by players in the clan ( the kind of experience you won't find on youtube or overframe ) I'm aware my hours and MR don't meet the clans requirement yet but i'd say for 2 months owning the game my stats of where i am at show how active of a player i am.  I already know a few people in the clan and hope to continue to learn and get better. 

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IGN: Danielw8
Mastery Rank: 24
Play-time: 2400 hours
Country: Argentina
Previous clan: Slayers
Started playing: 2 years ago
Discord ID: Lesoviet#6014
Players known in the clan: -
About me: Very active player, LF Clan for 5x3 Hunt (1.3k Cap), arbitration, Kuva liches, Kuva farm, Index/profit/exploiter

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IGN: Voltage

Country: USA

6,300 hours+ / 32,000+ mission completions. Playing since 2015

Highly competitive (Top 100 twice in Operations), active, and I would say I'm well rounded (even Lunaro, but not normal Conclave, I'm really bad at Conclave, sorry Ebb).

Currently in Remnants of the Void

I'm not sure what to write here other than thank you and best wishes. Hope everyone is staying safe in a time like this. 😅

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Actual IGN: The_Real_Slim_Shaggy

Mastery Rank: 22

Time played: 2300+ hours (in mission)

Country: France

Current clan: -Barbarians-

Discord ID: Akula #1714

Personal notes: Mainly known as -Akula-, I'm a 20 years old frenchy, I'm a speedrunner, I also like looong endless missions.

I'm a nice guy, friendly with a deep voice, speaking french & english. I'm an active & volontary player, always up to do some 6 hours-long runs :>,

Hmm what else ? I'm actually kebabvorous...




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IGN -L-A-Janick 

TP 1600+

MR 28 

Good Frend in Quasars  : --Q--CuteWaa

current Clan Legal Asasasin 

i´m on the quasars discord 

Love hunts have over 1200+  hydro caps like try hard

discord ID -L-A-Janick#2326

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IGN: MrOlolosh
Mastery Rank: 28
Play-time: 1337h
Country: Romania
Current clan: The Remnants of the Void
Started playing: 2-3 years ago
Discord ID: MrOlolosh#1234
Players known in the clan: Wambo, Iterniam, Toron, Kaiman.
About me: Hi :). Wambo encouraged me to apply. I'm an Eidolon Hunter with a bit over 1.6k Hydrolyst captures. I currently own the world record for the fastest Teralyst co-op, coming in 2nd place for solo. I'm also a youtuber. Curently sitting at 17.5k subscribers. Most of my content is in romanian tho. Friends are calling me Slowlosh so I need to join Quasars so I can become Fastlosh.

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IGN: -Fafnir-

MR: 27

+1900 hours

Started playing in March 2015

Country: Argentina

Previous clan: Sons of Tau

Discord ID:-Fafnir-#8061

Hi, im interested in joining. I left my clan because it was inactive and now im looking to join an active clan. I think Quasars is one of the best clan so it could be great if I can join. 

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Mastery Rank: 3
Play-time: 1,595 hours based on steam profile
Country: Indonesia
Current clan: None
Started playing: well thecnically 6 years ago
Discord ID: Saski#4556
Players known in the clan: None
About me:
I had an account with MR of 17 yet due to some reason the account is gone, and i am in need to join clan as i wanted to fully prepared to do eidolon Hunt and etc, also wanted to seek for guidance from clan member since i havent played for 1 year and i just recreating this account for 4 days.  Looking forward to join This lovely clan :)

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Actual IGN: -L-A-Tinychat    (known as "Brazzers-4K")

Mastery Rank: 28

Time played: 1800+ hours (in mission) 

Country: Germany

Current clan: Legal Assasins 

Players known in the clan : --Q--CuteWaa

Discord ID:  -L-A-Tinychat#2457

About me : 1.5k + HC im LF an tryhard clan to improve myself and became an better player @all.And  im an Active player and always up for longruns and all the other grind stuff

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IGN: agrub

MR: 28

+3700 hours

Started playing in 2013

Country: Australia

Current clan: Awakened Ones


I'm interested in joining Quasars, I enjoy endurance runs, bit of a try hard. I want to play with other like minded people and my current clan has only 2 people in it, including myself.

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IGN: Limbo_Theorem

MR: 19

Country: Australia

Current Clan: None - Previous Clan: Quasars

Started Playing: November 2012

Discord: 41095#3141

starting playing a while after Closed Beta and have played on 3-4 different accounts, Was in main Quasars Clan few years back, was kicked due to having an extended break from the game. Most of my Friend Group are in Quasars quite enjoy the 4 hour Kuva Survivals with Gstone and Snowdroppings.

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IGN: -BR-binnibi

MR 24

1242 hours

Country : italia

language : italiano - inglese

Want to join: quasars storm

Timezone: GMT+1

I attended the scarlet spear event (I scored 50k + points)
I like to hunt for eidolons and do long runs

discord nick : -BR-binnibi#4688


the clan in which they are now are the -bahamuth revivel-

I would like to join the quasars to experience something more in this game







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IGN: -Laufeyson-
Mastery Rank: 28
Play-time: 3018 hours in profile, 7k+ in steam
Country:  Language: English, Russian
Current clan: Universe in Particle
Started playing: since March 2016, 4 years+
Discord ID: -Laufeyson-💙#6424

I play 10-12 hours per day atm.

I have already been in Quasars in 2017-2018. I left warframe and clan after removing raids, but i came back. I love Warframe, i loved doing raids, but there is something that i still miss and it is Quasars clan. I loved people in Quasars, because they was nice to me.  I want to join back. I participated in 2 clan events in Quasars and finished in top 20 in clan during (Ambulas Reborn(got 88place globally)  and Pacifism Defect(got 265 place globally) events. I also used to do raids(of course speedruns mostly). I am competative and i love doing endurance runs.

My previous niсknames:

I would like to join Quasars mountain clan, But Quasars Storm is also ok. Have a nice day to everyone!




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missed important things
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IGN: NotBero
Mastery Rank: 21
Play-time: 760hours on profile, around 1350 on steam
Country: USA,
Current clan: None
Started playing: Almost 1 year ago on PC, I used to play on ps4 back in 2015.
Discord: Bero#7251


I see yall do a lot of eidolon hunts and I would love to be part of that community. I'm very competitive and I think I will be a good fit for the clan and the community. I'm very active, I work from home so I'm in game a lot.  So far I got 363 hydro caps but im working my way up. I try to do hunts every night


I would like to join : Quasars


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