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MR 25

2445+ hours



Languages:Russian and English speaker

About me:Friendly and communicable.Like staying long time mission example for:Taveuni and other arbi missions.No toxic player.

Current clan:I dont have clan now


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IGN: -----Teshin-----

MR 26

1900hours (close to 2000) 

Country: Italy

Language : English, Italian  

About me: Very active player , riven trader, over 100 Rivens, Arbitration Hardcore player (ofc with the right team and strategy) i play daily around 3-8 hours , i like to help newbies in case it happends, and i'm pretty friendly. I hate arrogance ^_^ (we need to write the bad parts of us too right? )

Last Clan : DarkRoses (left for inactivity)

Discord: DrunkMalfurion#1587  (in case not online on Warframe please leave me a message on discord and i will reply back! )



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IGN: MemphisTheBeast

Mastery Rank: 23

Country: South-Africa

Current clan: The Remnants of the Void

Started playing: Don't have an exact date but somewhere between July, August 2019

Discord ID: MemphistheBeast#5353

About me: Hi, im always trying to help where i can no matter who u the person is or situation. Most of all, im just trying to have fun as much as i can XD. Love eidolon hunts btw

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IGN : .Zexal
Mastery Rank : 28
IG Hours : 1900+
Country : France
Languages : French/English

Previous clan : Eagle Rising
Started playing : February 2018
Discord ID : Vitruvio#0001

About me : I've been playing Warframe since 2018, and until now, I used to do pretty basic stuff : relics, syndicates, fashion frame (lmao), helping newcommers. 
Recently, I really got interested in tridolon runs after seeing some of the Q members doing one. I was really impressed and in one live run I saw what I did wrong all this time, that's why I'd like to join Quasars. 
I did some arbitration runs, I liked it but I don't think that I currently can achieve a 6h long solo survival in this gamemode. 
I'm really looking forward to learn new things and even being one of the top players in an event cause why not. 
Also, I'm really bad at speedruns. Like, really really bad. And I'm also a controller player. 

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IGN: ---Swaggi---

MR: 29

Hours played: >5000h playing since U16 continuously 

Country: Germany

Current Clan: Apocalypse Company

Was active for a long time in TSA but they got to inactive in my opinion (drifted in other games and so on).

Then went to Vernoc Syndicate but couldnt fit myself in it somehow. In the Current Clan the people are nice but the amount of people is to less for me... To often alone online that sucks...

Now im looking for a friendly and more actice clan with bit more people. 🙂

To my Person: Im very helpful when it comes to ingame questions bit like a Mentor u can say. 😄

I already had contact with --Q--Candy. You can also ask him if u need bit more feedback of me 😄

Contact: via pm or on DC: ---Swaggi--- | Manu#1200

Looking forward to hear from you! Have nice one guys.

Cya o/

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IGN: Yiishi

Mastery Rank: 28

Country: Belgium

Current clan: none

Started playing: 2017, 940 hours playtime

Discord ID: Yiishi#1295

About me: I started playing warframe around the time Hydroid prime came out. Took some long breaks over the years. I like arbitrations, endless missions and other endgame activities. Looking for a clan with like-minded people.

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IGN: Nipponese

MASTERY RANK: 27 (could be 29 within like a week honestly)


CURRENT CLAN: clanless due to inactivity, was in RV 

STARTED PLAYING: 2017, 1275 hours in-game, 2000 hours according to Steam 

DISCORD ID: Nipponese#6265

ABOUT ME: i basically only play the game for fashionframe in content droughts, but i'll play semi-seriously during new releases :))

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IGN : ninjafr0g

Mastery Rank: 24

Country: India

Current/previous clan: Wintersage (India)

when you started playing warframe: Around 2016

your Discord ID: ninjafr0g#6250


Warframe is my favorite game. Ever since I installed Warframe, it was love at first sight. Been playing everyday since then. Every event since then played.

First encounter with a Quasars member was when I was MR 8. I immediately was awestruck with the professional gameplay. I made up my mind that I have to join this clan someday, when worthy. So finally I have the chance, if given will be blasting through this game :D .

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IGN: ---Haseo---

Mastery Rank: 23

Country: Indonesia

Current Clan: Indonesian Warframe Soldier

When you started playing warframe: Since March 2014

Discord ID: Haseo#2036

About me:

I joined Quasars in 2014 with my old Account IGN --Q--Haseo and was a Heavy Grinding Player with 3.5k+ Hours Gameplay in 2017 (thats not and AFK account). My last rank was Zenith in Quasars, some clanmates who often plays with me were Lebellium, Akrasul, Dringpleaseure, Nyphan and Vakpee, Devi, Aaryl, Wesilios and many others until i got some problem with my account in 2017 and made this account after that.

i am serious and so addicted to Warframe game and the reason i want to rejoin Quasars is because this is like my home, from what i know since i joined Quasars, ppl here are the players with lot of game experience, seek for high end game and want to become the best. those made me always exciting to play with them.

Yes i know the Stats in my Account is still poor and low but i am really going to grind hard and push my account to maxed out again. if you think im good enough with current stats and my history, please accept me once again as Quasarian.

Thank you, im happy to know Quasars.

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I want to join Quasars

Ign: Manti342

Discord: Manti342#4591

MR: 23

Country: Poland (speak polish, english, german)

Time played: over 1.2k in missions and over 3k on steam


I've been playing for almost 2 years, i was perviously in Syndicate Synergy but left and now im looking for a awesome community. Plus im looking for a challange too 🙂 For a long time i wanted to be a part of Quasars and now i have a shot at it so im taking it. Doesnt matter if i aim high and miss as long as i dont aim low and hit.

I might be addicted to warframe... Even though i took many breaks it still led me back here and im happy becasue this game is special... Something is holding us as a community here and doesnt allow us to leave which is a nice thing i think... Either way I need a nice place to stay XD so here i am


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IGN: MRobespierre

Discord ID: Robespierre #2945

Mastery Rank: 24

In-game hours: 820

Country: Poland

Language: english, polish

Current clan: Black Paper

When I started playing: I played when tonkor just killed everything you would throw at it. Also I miss mirage+simulor days.

About me: I desire a commuity of experienced players, who are not afraid to push the game to its lmits. I love endurance runs as well as speedruns - i feel that these activities are really what shows your skill as well as let you explore the game deeper. I would love to be a part of this amazing clan, as I see that competitiveness is a top priority here.

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IGN: Nightsyrk

Mastery Rank: 19

Country: Poland

Current Clan: Friendly-Fire

Discord ID: Nightsyrk#1899

I started playing Warframe a year ago and i have 1042 in game hours. I want to join Quasars becouse my current clan is literally dead, I want to be a part of some living community with experienced veteran players and demanding challenges also my friend with whom i play Warframe a lot is Quasarian (--Q--NotBero). I know that i don't have required MR but I think its possible to make exception to the rule in my case :3


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IGN: ViiSari

Mastery: Rank: 29

Play-time: 4500 hours

Country: France

Languages: English, French

Current clan: Derniere ombre

Want to join: Quasars Storm

Started playing: Septembre 2014 if i remember great

Discord ID: ViiSari#6412

About me: I'm mostly a riven trader player but i really like doing some runs of 2-3 hours (I never did more because i didn't had the opportunity to do it but maybe i can try to if i have it). Most of my runs are in arbitrations and i still want to improve it. I like learning new gameplay and i think Quasars can help me in this.

Why Storm ? because i already know players in it (Ynellqt and Mura).

I'm also one of the moderator of the French discord community.

And I think the reason you should take me in the clan is because my score in Happy Zephyr.

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 I Rebore AKA Equinox GoG player, would like to join Quasars Storm. I am highly-experienced player. I am extremely active and play everyday and can help anyone if needed. 

- MR29
- Best Equinox player

- Highly Experienced
- Very Active

Country: USA
Language: English & French

I'd like to join your clan as I am looking for an active and sociable environment of competent players.
I play WF everyday and am a avid Trader and Relic Opener. Been play for almost 3 years and gave up all other games just for this game. I love doing endurance runs but not past the limit of getting trade banned but a few hours is just fine. That's really it, if there's any other questions, just hmu through either in-game dms or via discord.


kebunHypeHopefully we join your clan soon kebunHype

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IGN: JohnWickPrime

Mastery: Rank: 28

Play-time: 1800 hours on this account. Daily activity.

Country: Hungary

Languages: English

Current clan: Pencil Factory

Want to join: Quasars Storm

Started playing: 2016 on PS4, 2018 on PC. I have 4000+hrs on all platforms and accounts

Discord ID: JohnWickPrime#3532

About me: 1. I'm a relic runner, i'm a mod on Vaulted Relic Burners discord. 2. I like weird stuff. Look at my profile, my gear stats, my completion rate. 3. I always wanted to join an MR20+ clan. 4. I have friends through VRB in Q, like --Q--Mano, --Q--Above, --Q--Robotstealth, who convinced me that Q is not just a "try hard clan" as people sometimes frame it. 5. I'm planning a fun achievements discord, and I would be glad to take ideas from the Q members. 

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IGN: MrPandaBearz

Mastery Rank: 27

Country: United Kingdom

Current clan: Syndicate Supremacy

Started playing: 2015 My account is 5 years old i have about 2k hours of playtime in game.

Discord ID: MrPandaBearz#2239

About me: Well honest i applied a while back and got accepted but i didn't have time to do the in game tests and such however after a while i took a break from warframe as plague star ran me dry however i got back a month ago to the game i'm kind of bored from every clan i join none of them have high requirement most of em are a joke nowadays which is kinda sad I'm hoping to join this clan because well 1. i was supposed to join it but took a break from the game and 2 i've heard great things about it and that it does have high requirements to join which is my kind of thing.
So thanks in advance if you do accept 🙂

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IGN : __M4

MR 20 

690 hours

contry : iraq 

discord id : _M4#6237

i like that respect in ur clan and there is a communication of eidolon hunter so ....

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IGN : --LT--Dieu.Cookie 

Mastery Rank : 27

Country : France 

Current/previous clan : Les Tabourets


Started playing : in 2013 , 2265 in game hours

Discord ID : Dieu.Cookie#0001

About me :   I always wanted to join quasars and today I though I had my chance to join so here I am, about me, I enjoy doing profit taker (like for real I really enjoy the profit taker 😉) and I also enjoy doing speedruns (I didn't submit a lot of runs, but here is my profile https://www.speedrun.com/user/--LT--Dieu.Cookie) I do also have a great time doing some endurance run (I do a lot of disruptions) apart from that I don't have anything to say about me.

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IGN: Zonderfurher

MR: 18 (i was lvling up my mr only for rivens)

Country: Russia

Language: Russian, English

Playtime: 1089 hours

Discord ID: Zonderfurher#6831

Current Clan: Tempest Gladiators

About me: I like to play arbitrations or any endless missions. Warframe attracted me with its number of game mechanics. I`ve spent more than 1k hours in this game and there is still a lot of things that I can learn and try. There is not a lot of clans with high skill cap and where people like to test new things and learn something new. Thats why I want to join Quasars.

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