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IGN: Mihawk.
Mastery Rank: 27
Country: CA
Language: English, Spanish
Started playing : in 2017

IG Hours: 1700+
Discord ID: Mihawk#6837
About me: I play mostly Eidolon hunts , long kuva survival , Arbitration, Profit taker solo but play other content as well. Cool clan!


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Ign : ---EG---AdamTAFACE

Mastery Rank : 27

Play time : ~2700

Country/Languages : France / English|French

Current Clan : Eagle Rising

Started playing from : 2016

Discord ID : AdamTAFACE#9401

I would like to join your clan to learn a new way to play, and improve myself, with others clan mates

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IGN : --PND--zulna


1200+ hours

Country : FRANCE

Language : French / English

I already postulated to join the clan and i'm determinate to join it this time !!

Discord : Zulna#6197


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IGN: -SG-DucatMaster
MR: 27
Hours: 4500 steam, 2600 in-game
Started Playing: 2016
Current clan: Strategy Gaming Clan
Previous clan: Quasars
Country: Australia
Language: English
Discord: MasterMods#0158

I'm back from an extended break of warframe. I've been inactive pretty much since I was banned in 2018 and I'm honestly surprised I only got removed from the clan this year. I started playing again about a month ago and I didn't realise how much I missed the warframe community. A lot of content has been released since I last played and I've got a lot more to play yet, I'm really looking forward to learning all the changes and new mechanics 

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IGN: Zileus

MR Rank: 24

hours: 3,167

Country: Thailand,USA, Philippines 

Previous Clan: Quasars (2015-2017) - Came back due to Corona and Tennocon

Language: English, Spanish,Tagalog

When I started: 2013, was too broke to get excal primus

Discord: zileus#3955

I remember raiding a lot with haseo, xfa, voltage, kyl0ren . they used to be LoR and Jordas Buddies. Wukong CHeese archwing and a bunch of other speedy things i learned from being in the clan. 


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MR : 23 

800+ H

country : iraq

discrod _M4#6237

IGN : __M4

language : English

want to join cuz there is a good community for eidolon hunt and an active clan 

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IGN: Kuremento_

Mastery Rank: 23

Country: France

Current Clan: Eagle Rising

Started playing: Fall 2018, 940h+

Discord ID: Kuremento#9971 

About me: Since I realised that I wanted to optimize myself I researched a clan with the same goal. Besides, I love endgame missions like survivals and disruptions. Recently I started speedrunning and found it really interesting! 

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IGN: --L--mehrovar
MR: 29
Started Playing: 2017
Hours: 2155
Country: Russia
Language: Russian, English
Discord:   chupachups#0545
Previously clan: Lacertidie 
About me: I play when I have free time. I lovee longrunning mission. I like void fissure kuva survival, arbitrations missions, defense and  disruption,profit taker,eidolon hunt.
   P.s. I'm a novice speedrunner.I want to develop my skill.

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IGN : gueezy198

MR: 25

Started Playing in 2017

Hours: +1000h

Country : Portugal

Language : Portuguese and English

I was looking for a clan with active members, i often do endurance runs like arbitrations, kuva survivals. I also do Eidolons/Profit taker, and im a very competitive player since this is an Event clan i think it would be perfect.

Discord : gueeezy#8407

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IGN: LordOfTheBeb
MR: 27
Started Playing: 2017
Hours: 2220++
Country: indonesia
Language: indonesia, English
Discord:  gunting_kuku#6822
Previously clan: amadeo  army
About me: i like to do long endurance  run like steelpath, arbit or fissure i also do profit taker  or eidolon hunt

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Hey guys, it has been so long but I am well back from a hiatus of Warframe. Lots of things have happened but I am at a position where I can once again chill. With work which is nice and manageable and of course having some downtime I am able to be active. 

IGN: Jonhy2G

In-Game Hours: 3.7+ Hours

Country: USA

Discord: Jonhy2G#4541

Language: English

Hope I can join back in the clan, rather confused about all this new stuff and don't know where to start. So would want some advice/help and well a friendly environment. I play a variety of games cause well I don't wanna start burning out but will try my best to come into events and other stuff.

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IGN: zgbvz114

In-Game Hours: 700+ MR 23

Country: Philippines

Discord: Shyboy#9543

Previous clan: Demonic Space Pirates, Syndicate

Language: English

Started playing 2015 for 1 month then hiatus for 5 yrs now I came back. I miss raids 😞

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IGN: skyhotaru13 
MR: 20
Started Playing: 2013
Hours: 900
Country: Tajikistan
Language: Russian, English,Tajik
Discord: koshaaaaak#3240 
Previously clan: kicked for inactive
About me: I've been playing since 2013 and I really love the game, but it just so happened that for the last 3 years I had to take a break from the game, I tried to get back into the game a year ago, but it didn't work out. Now I have the opportunity to fully return to the game.

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IGN: Madoys
Discord: Madoys#7683
MR: 27
Country: Germany
Languages: english, german

I am a 21yo dude who likes to play warframe on a daily basis and likes challenges.
I am pretty much daily online, farming rep to get all mods and max them aswell ( except primed chamber, sadly ).
Occasionally do eidolon hunts and whatever the next endgame content is going to be, if we ever get some endgame-worthy content.
Hopefully I can join the Q clan because this seems like a cool clan to be in. 🙂

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IGN: Brigmore

MR: 25 (1357 in game hours at the time of writing)

Country: UK

Previous clan: RV/PV

Started: early 2018

Discord: Brigmore#6318

I recently came back to the game and I was always interested in this clan, I hope there's potentially a space for me! Cheers.

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IGN: -P.U.I-Nyarlathotep

MR: 29 (2382 in game) (5250 in steam// selling stuff in dojo)

Country: Thailand, I am Bilangual can use both English and Thai

Previous clan: P.U.I Warframe Ghost

Started: Dec 2017

Discord: Freaker of the Hundred Forma#5253

I Want to get an experience in compettitive clan and i am a fan of quasar for along time, So i want to participate your clan and i will do my best

-Doing 100 Forma for Khora, Pennant and Shedu (https://imgur.com/a/ocYMXRv)

-Got 790 Hydrolyst Capture and can do 6x3 run as well (Can check in game) (https://  www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSZe-eW06EU // I am good at harrow and volt in this vid i am in a role of harrow)

-Got Set of Bishamo in day one and also got Crania Ephemera in Day one after its deploy (Contact me for more information, it is in my local group in local language)

-Maxed Focus pool and 9 9 9 10 Intrinsics

-Maxed Conclave Standing

- 5 John Prodman Poster and 6 John Prodman kill

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IGN: -Perfect_Ultra_Instinct-

Mastery rank: 29

Time played: 8182 hours (in game)

Country: Thailand

Language: Thai and English

Previous clan: P.U.I Warframe Ghost

Started: After: OB for a while

Discord: - (P)erfect(U)ltra(I)nstinct-#3676

Hi I am P.U.I WARFRAME I am a Speedrunner , Tridolon Hunter and Youtuber. I want to be a Quarsarian because I want more challenge and experience.


I got glyph Tavier corsair , So hard challenge Here

I have 1,200 followers in youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/PUIWARFRAME)

I can do 6x3 ( 2 man ) ( Host and VS ) Tridolon hunt Here ------>



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