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IGN: Zonderfurher

MR: 18 (i was lvling up my mr only for rivens)

Country: Russia

Language: Russian, English

Playtime: 1089 hours

Discord ID: Zonderfurher#6831

Current Clan: Tempest Gladiators

About me: I like to play arbitrations or any endless missions. Warframe attracted me with its number of game mechanics. I`ve spent more than 1k hours in this game and there is still a lot of things that I can learn and try. There is not a lot of clans with high skill cap and where people like to test new things and learn something new. Thats why I want to join Quasars.

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IGN: Mihawk.
Mastery Rank: 27
Country: CA
Language: English, Spanish
Started playing : in 2017

IG Hours: 1700+
Discord ID: Mihawk#6837
About me: I play mostly Eidolon hunts , long kuva survival , Arbitration, Profit taker solo but play other content as well. Cool clan!


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Ign : ---EG---AdamTAFACE

Mastery Rank : 27

Play time : ~2700

Country/Languages : France / English|French

Current Clan : Eagle Rising

Started playing from : 2016

Discord ID : AdamTAFACE#9401

I would like to join your clan to learn a new way to play, and improve myself, with others clan mates

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IGN : --PND--zulna


1200+ hours

Country : FRANCE

Language : French / English

I already postulated to join the clan and i'm determinate to join it this time !!

Discord : Zulna#6197


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IGN: -SG-DucatMaster
MR: 27
Hours: 4500 steam, 2600 in-game
Started Playing: 2016
Current clan: Strategy Gaming Clan
Previous clan: Quasars
Country: Australia
Language: English
Discord: MasterMods#0158

I'm back from an extended break of warframe. I've been inactive pretty much since I was banned in 2018 and I'm honestly surprised I only got removed from the clan this year. I started playing again about a month ago and I didn't realise how much I missed the warframe community. A lot of content has been released since I last played and I've got a lot more to play yet, I'm really looking forward to learning all the changes and new mechanics 

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IGN: Zileus

MR Rank: 24

hours: 3,167

Country: Thailand,USA, Philippines 

Previous Clan: Quasars (2015-2017) - Came back due to Corona and Tennocon

Language: English, Spanish,Tagalog

When I started: 2013, was too broke to get excal primus

Discord: zileus#3955

I remember raiding a lot with haseo, xfa, voltage, kyl0ren . they used to be LoR and Jordas Buddies. Wukong CHeese archwing and a bunch of other speedy things i learned from being in the clan. 


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MR : 23 

800+ H

country : iraq

discrod _M4#6237

IGN : __M4

language : English

want to join cuz there is a good community for eidolon hunt and an active clan 

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IGN: Kuremento_

Mastery Rank: 23

Country: France

Current Clan: Eagle Rising

Started playing: Fall 2018, 940h+

Discord ID: Kuremento#9971 

About me: Since I realised that I wanted to optimize myself I researched a clan with the same goal. Besides, I love endgame missions like survivals and disruptions. Recently I started speedrunning and found it really interesting! 

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IGN: --L--mehrovar
MR: 29
Started Playing: 2017
Hours: 2155
Country: Russia
Language: Russian, English
Discord:   chupachups#0545
Previously clan: Lacertidie 
About me: I play when I have free time. I lovee longrunning mission. I like void fissure kuva survival, arbitrations missions, defense and  disruption,profit taker,eidolon hunt.
   P.s. I'm a novice speedrunner.I want to develop my skill.

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IGN : gueezy198

MR: 25

Started Playing in 2017

Hours: +1000h

Country : Portugal

Language : Portuguese and English

I was looking for a clan with active members, i often do endurance runs like arbitrations, kuva survivals. I also do Eidolons/Profit taker, and im a very competitive player since this is an Event clan i think it would be perfect.

Discord : gueeezy#8407

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IGN: LordOfTheBeb
MR: 27
Started Playing: 2017
Hours: 2220++
Country: indonesia
Language: indonesia, English
Discord:  gunting_kuku#6822
Previously clan: amadeo  army
About me: i like to do long endurance  run like steelpath, arbit or fissure i also do profit taker  or eidolon hunt

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Hey guys, it has been so long but I am well back from a hiatus of Warframe. Lots of things have happened but I am at a position where I can once again chill. With work which is nice and manageable and of course having some downtime I am able to be active. 

IGN: Jonhy2G

In-Game Hours: 3.7+ Hours

Country: USA

Discord: Jonhy2G#4541

Language: English

Hope I can join back in the clan, rather confused about all this new stuff and don't know where to start. So would want some advice/help and well a friendly environment. I play a variety of games cause well I don't wanna start burning out but will try my best to come into events and other stuff.

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IGN: zgbvz114

In-Game Hours: 700+ MR 23

Country: Philippines

Discord: Shyboy#9543

Previous clan: Demonic Space Pirates, Syndicate

Language: English

Started playing 2015 for 1 month then hiatus for 5 yrs now I came back. I miss raids 😞

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IGN: Fz0ul

MR 23

1247+ hours

Country: Canada

Language: English - French - Turkish


Returning player. Getting back to the game

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IGN: skyhotaru13 
MR: 20
Started Playing: 2013
Hours: 900
Country: Tajikistan
Language: Russian, English,Tajik
Discord: koshaaaaak#3240 
Previously clan: kicked for inactive
About me: I've been playing since 2013 and I really love the game, but it just so happened that for the last 3 years I had to take a break from the game, I tried to get back into the game a year ago, but it didn't work out. Now I have the opportunity to fully return to the game.

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IGN: hexapulse
MR: 20 (530+ in game)
COUNTRY: Philippines 
PREVIOUS CLAN: Demonic Space Pirates
I started playing warframe after i got bored of playing league of cancer and im only 4 months in the game (yikes) 

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IGN: Madoys
Discord: Madoys#7683
MR: 27
Country: Germany
Languages: english, german

I am a 21yo dude who likes to play warframe on a daily basis and likes challenges.
I am pretty much daily online, farming rep to get all mods and max them aswell ( except primed chamber, sadly ).
Occasionally do eidolon hunts and whatever the next endgame content is going to be, if we ever get some endgame-worthy content.
Hopefully I can join the Q clan because this seems like a cool clan to be in. 🙂

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IGN: Brigmore

MR: 25 (1357 in game hours at the time of writing)

Country: UK

Previous clan: RV/PV

Started: early 2018

Discord: Brigmore#6318

I recently came back to the game and I was always interested in this clan, I hope there's potentially a space for me! Cheers.

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