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IGN : Stane666

Current clan : Researchers Of Existence

MR : 29 (22.5k off 30)

1650 hours

5+ years playing

Country : Croatia, EU

Languages : Croatian, English

Discord : Stane666 #9359

Hi guys, honestly I'm just looking for someone to do 3-4-5 + h Surv, 100+ Def, 7k+ Exc, etc. 
I've sunk too many forma into everything just to make it perfect to not have anyone to do any of these missions with. Been looking for clans/discord servers such as these for probably years now, even the "Warframe Endurance Runs" dis server is completely empty. 
Really sick of wasting hours in recruit chat to find maybe one or two guys doing this first time and asking me to hold their hands.

I'm communicative, friendly, language isn't a barrier, I'll always help if I can and just looking for some competent chill people to talk over the VC while doing like 6h surv or something.

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In-game username: ToastyMc2


Steam play-time: 3910 hours


Mastery Rank: 7

Country: Norway

Current Clan: Revolution

Started Playing: 17.10.2017

Discord ID: Toasty#1129

I am a Warframe veteran with nearly 4k hours of playtime. In January I decided I was bored of Warframe's "lategame" and stopped playing, though not before giving away all items of value on my account. I had no plans to pick Warframe back up at any point and didn't want all my resources to go to waste. After a big break and some time to think I figured I would start over with a new account, hence the discrepancy between my current MR and my playtime.

The name of my old account is ToastyMcButterscotch and the current MR of that account is 27. I am a moderator of Revolution and (used to be) a fairly involved member. On my other account I made as many viable builds as I could think of for every warframe in the game. I also made it a point to bring the usage percentage of my most used frame as low as possible.

It will take some time before I can pull my own weight on a mission, but in the meantime I have plenty of veteran experience to share

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IGN : Bartan

Started playing : august 2015

Country : Germany

Discord : Bartan#9651

MR : 24

I was a member of Quasars when raids and the reactent bug where still a thing.I was part of 300+ wave runs in Belenus and other things during that time. I stopped playing Warframe and was kicked for inactivity. This was due to university and real life getting in the way. A couple of weeks ago i started playing again and wish to rejoin. I will have to play catchup on a lot of new mechanics but will be ready for everything in little time.

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IGN NerDrakkainen

MR 28 - 1846hrs - game stats
Country: Poland
Age 27
Current Clan   --- 
Discord:  NerDrakkainen#7548

Started playing WF when raids were awesome. Like 4-5 years ago.

Getting back to WF after a 8 months. Active and kinda friendly(2 much prob). I work a lot, at my free time when @ home im mostly playing games. 

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IGN: CosmosX_ (Changed today, 12/10/20)

MR: 27, 1156h played

Country: China, currently living in the U.S. 

Started Playing: About 5 years ago, lost old account when coming back from afk

Current Clan: No clan

Discord: Arindex#4334

I am well interested in developing new ideas for many parts of the game, and I'm finding a place to communicate, compete, and absorbing knowledge. I think this would be a place that I could have fun and grow up. And of course, I am interested in participating in events and try to do the best I can. I would introduce myself later on as well. 

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Changed Alias
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IGN: -maaz619

Discord: Maaz#8412

MR: 22

Country: India

Language: English

Clan: Nightfall Gladiators

Started Playing: 2020

PlayTime: around 600

About me: I am very passionate about warframe and I strive to learn something new every day and as much as I can. I am also a very active player.

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IGN; Detxeur


MR: 30 

Country; France & Germany

Language : French and English

Game Time: 3000h (steam) 1500 h (mission)

Fist connection to warframe : 2014

Current Clan ; Eagle Rising


I like find triks and tips of warframe. I hope find funny and opti strat with your team. 


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IGN: diminish

Mastery Rank: 30 Country

Current Clan: Space Shark Incorporated

Discord ID: diminish#7172


So! Hi Quasars! I'm diminish here. Been playing this lovely game since 2013, got 2837hours in warframe. Love to be part of a really cool community. I also like to help out new tennos in the game, I mean, why not right? Better for warframe, more people joining. All good good. I love partying up with fellow mates on discord, do relic runs. Love this game to bits not gonna lie. So yeah, that's a little bit of diminish, I hope that you give me the opportunity to join this sick ass clan BABY! Alright. I think I've said too much, hope to hear from you all soon.

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IGN: wirecard
Mastery Rank: 30
Country: Germany
Language: German, English
Current Clan: The Remnants of the Void
Started playing: Mid 2018
Playtime: ~3’600h ingame
Discord: altf4shiftdelete#7356
About me: I like to do Endurance Runs, especially Disruption, as well as Eidolons and Profit-Taker. In general I like those epic Boss Fights (except  Exploiter, no one does :D), therefore I'm looking forward to potential expansions for Heat of Deimos, and the process of testing in order to find the most valuable team composition / equipment. When I'm not doing anything regarding the above mentioned things, I'm chilling in the Orbiter or old Dojo to decorate or Fashionframing and waiting for Trades, beside opening some Relics. I may not be the Top#1 MVP on trials.wf or speedrun.com/wf, but all in all I’d consider myself a pretty solid allrounder with a good understanding of the core mechanics.

This is Copy Pasta from my former Application which had to be set on Ice, since I was not sure, if i may have enough spare time to play the game beside studying Business Law. But Time has revealed i still get managed to play, soo.. Here I am and ready to dance on some faces.


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IGN: -Rafiq2205-
MR: 30
Country: Indonesia (GMT +8)
language: bahasa & little bit english
Clan: No clan at the moment (i'm a Ronin)
Started Warframe: 3 years Ago (2021 ingame hours)
Discord ID: Rafiq#9072

My name is Rafiq, my english is not very good, but I'll try my best. I play this game everyday while I run a shop in my town. On the daily, I would work towards getting rivens and selling them. Along with doing Profit Takers almost everyday! I do speedruns as well and I'm rank 12 for Profit Taker Speedrun! Also i enjoy fashion frame. Hope that helps with alittle background on me. Would love to get into this clan!

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Hello, Im interested to join you,

IGN : Livai-

MR : 26 (1700+ hours played) 

Country : France 

Language : French and English 

Age : 21 years

Started Warfame: 2015

Discord Name : Livai-#7690

Current Clan : {Visitors Of the Void}

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IGN: Abusive_Donkey

MR: 25

Previous clan: IceFangs

Played time: 1758,8H (and counting)

Started playing: 2017

Country: Belgium (EU)

Language: Flamish/Dutch and English

Age: 27

Discord: Morbid Funerall#6135

Steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198214851064/


About myself: a standard gamer with a job just looking to escape the reality after work and always up for some banter.

cheers, hope to join.

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MR: 26

Country: Germany

Language: German, English (not the best)

Started playing: 3 years ago

Played time: 1840


About me: My name is Angelo I like warframe a lot. hopefully we see us in the clan soon. :D

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Hallo, my name is Altieri

IGN: -Altieri-

MR: 30 3k h

Country: germany

Language: german

Discord: -Altieri-#1174

old Clan: samper talis (golst clan)

I can do everything in the game. I hope i can join u and we can get top points in the events.


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helooo 👋 my friend 🤝🙋‍♂️ im here to inquire 🧕 :thinking: about quasar appication. i believe i have the necessary requirements 📔 to join this awesome group 🏳️‍🌈👬. my account is mr 14 💯 with 1,426.7 hrs played :surprised:,. i partake in hobby speedrun🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ i have over 5 wrold records as of typing this 🎖️ :wink: , im quite the elite player if i say so myself 💀 💀. therefore i think the question falls; it is YOU who needs me ☝️ 💁‍♂️ . i would be happy to assist your fledgling clan into terrific heights ✈️ 🚀. you may contact me on my discord 🤪, have a lovely day 😼🐱

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