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Bolto cannot shoot through Volt's Shield


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I believe Volt's shield ability was changed so friendly bullets could pass through it recently-ish? Many people seem not to realize they can do it, and I've actually been using it specifically for taking out heavy Grineer troops.

Anyways, short and sweet, it did not seem I could shoot through my shield with my Bolto, I was aimed on a still target. I will do some actualy testing of it in these next few missions.

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For the friendly attacks going through, I don't know how long you have been playing, but it seemed like it was allowed for plenty of time.

As for the bolto not going through, it probably is an unintended issue and probably could be fixed.

The bolto, unlike any other weapon fires an object and that object moves and has to bump into a target. Well, the shield is an object, so when the bolto bolts are probably hitting the shield and stopping there due to the oddities of the game design. Until they adjust it so that the bolts are bullets, or that the bolts can travel through the shield, it is an unfortunate error.

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