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Pay Platiniums to Draw Desired Game Card


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Do the devs want to make money from the game? selling plats is the end goal? well, the best idea is to create a perpetual way for them to spend plats, not by wasting them on leveling up characters which is only a one time thing. I say that if you pay plats you can play what ever card you want for a price.

For instance:

Blue Cards should cost from 1 to 5 Plats (depending on level)

Red Cards should cost from 5 to 10 Plats (depending on level)

Quest Cards shuld cost from 10 to 20 Plats (Depending on quest)

This can be an end game goal, since if there are ways to make plats in game you can use them in this way, and for people who just want to play jackal, they can buy plat packs and spend 20 Plats to buy the jackal card.

REMEMEBER, every time you pay for a card you can draw it only ONCE, meaning if you finish it then o play it again you have to either pay once more, or draw it again.

This game needs an end game, and I believe that something like this can help both players have a sense of accomplishment and the devs a sense of PROFIT. A Win Win situation if I ever seen one.

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