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Wip Excalibur Helm Skutter

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I was actually wanting to change the name to Ecktor, but not sure how to alter topic header names here and on poly count.

The thought was this helmet could have preceded the original excal helm. Making it a bit more aggressive, less refined and primal. Ecktor is the name of the knight who'd raised Arthur before the sword and the stone element in the king Arthur story.

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Am I the only only one who thinks this might look good on Rhino? Maybe someone could change the body and post that too this, just to check and see?


Actually I'm with you on this one. 


Helms feels like brute styled so it fits Rhino personally. 


Looks good on Excal though.

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Wow, so much to go through just to get this on steam. Been fighting with the tax forms for about and hour. Legal name mismatch...im pretty sure i know how to spell my own name. Everythings ready to go, just cant get this ____ thing to work

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