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[Alt Helmet] – Excalibur – Grail

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I think some of the gloopiness might not translate very well into the final normal maps.  Generally as a rule, it seems like Excalibur's helmets are very clean in the front and the details are mostly kept for the back.

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This latest update helm is perfect for the knight excal. Would fit like a glove! All we need is a normal shield and sword and is and BOOM. Haha

Will you be doing of what the helm looks like with the whole body before submission? (Transitioning from the neck to chin/skull to spine) is crucial

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Time for the Retopo 



Decided to change the front a bit :P 



Deadline is close.. I'm feeling the pressure XD 


This is amazing work, the Grail Helmet perfectly fits Excalibur's Knight Theme - I'd love to see this in-game!

That said, I may have a thought for this concept...

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