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Wedgehead Excalibur Helmet: Arturius (Now On Steam Workshop)

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lol ok I tried to photoshop this together, so they don't match perfectly and I think the heads are too big but you get the idea






First is default excal colors, second is one of my custom sets. 

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not gonna lie. after browsing the workshop just hours ago and seeing all the mew poly count alt helmets... some excal helmets are just on point +1


including this one.. same goes with mag... time to waste all my money again on alt helmets :P

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As I promised, am gonna wear this instead of my Arcane Pendragon :3



Love the work you've done!

Awwww goshhhh! Thank you! I'm glad you like it, looks great in your colors * - *

I'm not usually am Excal player but boooy I've been having a tough time playing anything else right now... Lolol

Thank you for sharing!!

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UH OH long pointy ends - must be zephyr!

You sound prejudiced af, and I bet if this design was coming straight from DE your attitude would be the opposite. My dear founder of the game.

I and other masters/grand masters are in no way affiliated with the bias of this one.

That is all.

Nice helmet by the way.

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