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buying warframe blueprints


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Just wondering, since i looked around and didn't find an answer, if you buy the warframe blueprints, Mag for instance.

Do you just get one random blueprint? or all 3 of them?

Just to be clear:

The blueprints in the shop are the overall contstruction blueprints for each frame.

Each blueprint requires four parts: Helmet, Chassis, System, and Orokin Cell to build a Warframe.

Each of the first three parts require a blueprint themsevles to build, and are built using various components (different for each one) such as Rubedo, Neural Sensors, etc...

You obtain the overall construction blueprints from the store.

You obtain the blueprints for the Helmet, Chassis, and System from boss drops - you can find which drop which here: https://forums.warfr...-special-drops/

The Orokin Cell is a single component and drops from General Sargas Ruk on Tethys in the Saturn area.

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