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Are weapons locked to frames?


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While I wait for my second frame to complete building, I would like to know if the weapons from my first frame can be equipped on it. If not, I'll wait to buy weapons. But if so, it would be nice to buy and start leveling those up in advance.

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It works like this:

Your frame dictates your overal shield, health, and abilities. So when you get your new frame, you will be back to square 1 (100HP 100SH)

Your weapons (main, side, melee) dictates your damage. When you get a new weapon, you are back to square one (S#&$ damage)

So if you have a level 0 frame, with a level 30 weapon. You will still do the same damage as before, but will a lot less survivability.

If you have a level 0 weapon, with a level 30 frame. You will still have the same survivability as before, but with a lot less damage.

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Unlike guns, a large portion of melee damage comes from getting melee damage mods on your frame itself.

So if you happen to have built your high level frame around melee you will find a big drop in effectiveness regardless of using a maxed out melee weapon.

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