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Talas Arbiters Of Hexis Syandana (Finished!)

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Woo! Finally done! Thanks to blazingcobalt for the awesome concepts and the tinting. I'm quite proud of what we've accomplished.


The Steam Workshop page can be located here:



Sketchfab preview here:




Inside TennoGen:




Texture Maps:



Tinting samples:




Thanks for looking!

Edited by MaaYuu
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Really goodlooking.

It's a Shame i work for Red Veil though ;)

What's your next project? Red Veil? I bet you don't want those nasty Eximus Chargers on your back so... yeah :3

Just to balance things out, the next project is Steel Meridian. Blazingcobalt's already doing some problem solving regarding making original designs for grineer syandanas.

I dont side with the Arbiters of Hexis but this is pretty awesome. I also see you have put on some tennobet on it, what does it say?

They say Pride, Honor, and Truth ;D I think cobalt did a bit of research on those to get the phonetics right Edited by MaaYuu
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Better than alad V shower curtain or weiner dog, can't believe why DE would put crap like that into the game and miss out on stuff like this.

*cough* please don't say "Well why don't U make your own game you ignorant piece of ****

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