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Hello some feedback ~ from a Volt user

Guest Shinogu

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Guest Shinogu

1) Volt last abiltiy (skill 4) cost 125. all the other warframes last skill cost 100. I like it to be reduce to 100

This abilty doesnt seem to kill my target like I would like it to do ,just seems to lowers their hp some and maybe stuns them. I know its meant for devices and robots But feel I would be better off using skill 1 stunning them and using my blade rinse and repeat. Skill 4 is ineffective agasinst dead Grinner's with the green glowing gas. Trust me none of my Volt abilities were good against them. Seeing how this Volt uses lightning attacks . One would think he would be a robot killer. Not quite his abilites seems like a soft counter a best . It sad to see Excalibur rush in with his sword abilites and clean the whole room. My level is 18. I mostly play in Mercury , Mars . I mainly join level between 11-20.


1) To add a stat display for warframes. Like showing the maxium health / energy / defense and all the other thing. Sometimes its hard to figure out what to add as a mod because I don't even know the TOTAL stats. It seems that when adding a mod they just show you how it effects the base stat not the total. Which leads me to think can I even stack stats?

2) Volt is an electric user. His protective shield should regenerate much faster than other warframes. If not he should have a skill which should allow it.

P:S Can't wait for another skin for Volt. The current one doesn't seem cool enough :/

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