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State Of Deployment Info Thread: The Second Dream Hath Arrived

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To answer an earlier question - When DE reffers to 'build candidates', it means that they have a whole bunch of different new things, existing(live) things, and variables within those elements all mushed together in code to form a 'build'.  When they get ready to push a particular set of code to what we as players see as 'live', that big set of stuff has to pretty much play nice ( no bugs, odd things, leaky memory holes, messed up behaviors/textures, etc. ) as much as possible. 


Each time anyone changes any part of any of those items, variables, etc., it means a different build, because sometimes ( ugh, often ) in coding, changing a tiny thing in one place makes a huge set of issues/behaviors somewhere else that you weren't planning on.  So, part of what they do as a company, is look for and test a few stable candidates that employ the changes they -want- to push, without comprimising stability of the overall program.  ( Again, perfect world scenario )


Hope this helps clear things up!

Thank you to you too ^.^

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