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State Of Deployment Info Thread: The Second Dream Hath Arrived


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Y'know people, this thread is 50 times more interesting than ingame region chat in my honest opinion XD


I mean we can put funny gifs and stuff here.


This thread has made my day. it's awesome to see so many people getting along so well as a community.

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honestly, i know they are working hard but i know it will require a hotfix a couple minutes after its dropped.


I know, but would you rather an early update where you cant move or anything, or a hotfix for a simple animation, I know everyone is a little annoyed, but it'll come, and it'll be worth it!

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If they didnt do the fixes they are doing now, we wouldnt even be able to play the game. At all.

So calm your farm and be patient like the rest of us!

I think you kinda miss the point. They definitely needed to do the fixes, but they should have set the release date back further or waited longer to announce the date. All that the "Soon" talk does is bring whiners and kill off the hype.


This clip comes to mind in instances like this:


But, no matter what DE does, at least they didn't play up the hype for 3 months and then give everybody a baseball bat that is an advertisement for something else.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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