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Implementation Of An Animus-Like Device

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The replayability of quests has been brought up a couple of times in the past already.

With update 18 coming, I'm facing a huge dilemma myself.

Do I instantly jump into the new questline with my potato toaster, and experience it in a rather awful way, or wait a million years till I can afford a new PC.


So how about this:


A landing craft segment in the veins of the Animus from Assassin's Creed, where you can "relive" your memories in the form of replaying older missions?  You hop in, select your story-mission, and go. Potentially without the timewalls originally present in them. 


Can't be that hard to implent, can it? I sure hope so.

It would be a waste to have months of work only be played once, and never looked at again.



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