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Update 18: The Second Dream


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New Quest: The Second Dream

The Second Dream is available to all players who have completed the Quest: Natah.


New Tileset: Orokin Moon

What we know of the Moon is a mystery, and entering its halls requires the completion of The Second Dream Quest.

Master the Seven Principles on the Orokin Moon


The Halls of Ascension are tightly wound into the fabric of known Orokin civilization. Uncover secrets along your path across the moon. Challenge yourself in seven unique rooms across seven principles for new unique Mod rewards. The measure by which the Orokin were judged will now put you to the test.

New System: ?????




Complete 'the Second Dream' to unlock a new System!


New Warframe: Ivara


With her quiver of tactical arrows, this huntress prowls unseen and strikes without warning.

Ivara’s Abilities are as follows:

  • Quiver - Cycle through and shoot one of four tactical arrows:
    • Cloak Arrow: Creates a defensive bubble that cloaks allies and shields them from attacks.
    • Dashwire Arrow: Fires a zipline.
    • Slumber Arrow: Induces a temporary slumber in target.
    • Noise Arrow: Creates a noise at the point of impact to attract enemies.
  • Navigator - Assume control of a projectile and guide it to its targets.
  • Prowl - Become invisible, steal loot from unsuspecting enemies then go on the offensive with increased headshot damage.
  • Artemis Bow - Summon a mighty bow and unleash a volley of devastating arrows.

Obtain Ivara today through the Market or through Easy, Medium and Hard Spy missions!


New Weapons and Stances

  • War:  The Stalker’s sword as bestowed on him by the Sentient Hunhow.
  • Rubico:  Scope out the enemy with this long-range revolver style rifle.
  • Talons: The claws of these tactical bombs dig into the target and detonate on command.
  • Lacera: In the practiced hands of a master this blade and whip weapon becomes exceedingly devastating.
  • An additional weapon may be hidden within The Second Dream.
  • New Single-Sword Stance: Vengeful Revenant! Hate... Dread... Despair…!


New Enemies

Sentient forces have appeared, but more are obscured from our sensors.  Players can discover more about these ancient enemies in the Second Dream Quest.


Login Reward System Update

  • The Login Reward System has been given a total overhaul, and will now give players increasingly valuable rewards with each daily login.
  • Logins are tracked cumulatively, and players will not be penalized for missing any number of logins.
  • Players with a higher Mastery Rank will have increased chance to receive rare (or more valuable) rewards.
  • Each level of Mastery Rank will provide a 5% increase to obtaining improved rewards.
  • Login Rewards are randomly generated.
  • The following unique weapon has been added to the Login Reward System:
    • Azima: This unconventional machine pistol packs a deadly surprise. (Note: This weapon is a day 100 Login Reward Exclusive)


Sniper Rifle Revisions

The following changes have been made to all Sniper Rifles:

  • Sniper Rifles now have a variable zoom that can be adjusted in two ways:
    • Firstly, your right mouse button is a 'held' aim.
    • Secondly, your middle-mouse button (alt-fire) adjusts zoom levels.
  • Each level of zoom will provide a stat bonus that is applied to each shot. These bonuses are specific to each Sniper Rifle and will be indicated in the scope.
  • Successive kills with a Sniper Rifle will apply toward a combo counter, which will apply a damage bonus for each successive kills.
  • The Sniper Rifle’s combo counter will reset after a delay or when the player misses their next shot.
  • Sniper Rifle scopes have received a visual overhaul.


Sortie Missions

Sortie Missions are now available for all Tenno Mastery Rank 4 or higher!

  • Sortie Missions are difficult endgame Missions for experienced Tenno that can be completed alone or with a group.
  • Each Sortie Mission will have its own unique requirements or enemy modifiers, favoring Tenno that have a versatile arsenal.
  • Players can access Sortie Missions through the Sortie Icon through the upper right hand corner of the World State Window in Navigation.
  • Sortie Missions will change daily, and players must complete all three connected Missions to receive a reward from that Season’s pool.
  • Each Sortie Season will last for a period of 15 days before cycling in a new Season with an updated loot table.
  • Players can review the rewards for the current Season in the World State Window.
  • Please note: Sorties must be played in order and all three missions must be completed to receive a reward!


Reminder: Soft Launch: 2 Factor Authentication

As an additional security measure for our players 2 Factor Authentication has been integrated into Warframe.  This feature is currently optional, but we encourage players to opt-in and give their account an extra bit of protection against malicious attempts at account access.


Accounts can opt-in at www.warframe.com/user shortly after this Update is live. Be sure to check your spam folder for any confirmation emails. If you still aren't receiving emails, add no-reply@warframe.com to your whitelist and allowed contacts.


New Game Mode and Reward Changes:

  • Infested Excavation -  this popular game mode can now be played against Infested enemies and can be found on the following nodes:
    • Earth, Tikal
    • Europa, Cholistan
    • Phobos, Zeugma
    • Venus, Malva
    • Pluto, Hieracon
  • Many Survival and Excavation missions have been rebalanced so that the mission rewards match the difficulty of the mission, the enemies spawned are appropriately challenging, and the enemy level scaling is consistent. This includes tuning such as reducing caps of Sapping Osprey, and ensuring similar leveled nodes have a similarly difficult mix of enemies.
  • Malva, Wahiba, Elara, and Piscinas went from 'Easy' rewards to 'Medium'.
  • Cameria, Cassini, and Selkie went from 'Hard' rewards to 'Medium'.
  • Lillith, Wendell, and Zeugma went from 'Medium' rewards to 'Hard'.
  • Tuned Energy Cell Carrier spawn-rates to be similar for all Excavation missions.
  • Adjusted rewards for Excavation and Survival missions to replace over-popular Mods with credit bundles.
  • Dark Sector Survival and Dark Sector Excavation missions reward tables have been updated to better match regular missions, including the addition of Void Sabotage Keys to Rotation B and Fusion Core bundles.
  • T4 Keys have been added to reward tables for the following missions: Eris -- Zalba, Pluto -- Hieracon and Ceres -- Gabii
  • There is now a 30-Second window in Interception missions once you've intercepted the message to kill all enemies and collect loot. Once this 30 seconds up, you'll be prompted by the Reward screen. This should prevent progression stoppers in Rounds where the game thinks there are enemies left.


New Cosmetics

  • Salix Syandana: Ivara’s cocoon-like Syandana.
  • Pakal Syandana: Formed from the bones of Sentient fighters and given to the Stalker by Hunhow.
  • Pakal Stalker Armor:  Formed from the bones of Sentient fighters and given to the Stalker by Hunhow.
  • Pakal Kubrow Armor: Pakal style armor, fashioned for a Kubrow.
  • Sotz Scimitar Skin: Cast the Stalker’s caustic shadow across the Scimitar with this skin.


Revive 2.0

  • Players now have 4 Revives available per Mission. Returning to your Landing Craft will refresh all Revives between missions.
  • Players can no longer purchase Revives in the Arsenal.
  • Revives used in Missions will have a small cost (approximately 10%) of experience for each Revive used.  This is currently disabled, but will be activated in a future Update.



  • New Landing Craft: Scimitar
    • Scimitar: This blade-like landing craft is armed with Barrage Air Support. Find the Scimitar in the Market today!
  • Simulacrum Arsenal:  Players can now adjust their Warframe loadouts while in the Simulacrum for more efficient testing.
  • The Simulacrum has been given a visual overhaul!
  • Maroo’s Bazaar: Found on Earth, Maroo’s Bazaar is a place where players can go to trade or advertise their goods.
  • Players can set themselves available for a trade openly by selecting the ‘Trade’ option above the Emote wheel when in the Relay’s Concourse.  Selecting this option again will make you no longer available for trade.
  • Players can initiate a trade by focusing on the player they wish to trade with, and then selecting the ‘Trade’ option above their Emote wheel.
  • One player must make themselves available to trade in order to initiate a trade.
  • Normal trade limitations are still in place for Trades done through Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Clan Warlords can now downsize the tier of their Clans. Do this by visiting your Dojo!
  • Trinity’s skirt has been given its own physics!
  • Lotus VO has been added to inform players when a fellow Tenno is downed and in need of Reviving!
  • Foundry Rush costs will now offer a scaled Rush Platinum price once an item reaches 50% craft completion.


Rhino Changes:

The following changes have been made to Rhino, and are available for all players immediately:

  • Rhino has been given a passive: Heavy Impact!
  • Rhino Charge has received the following changes:
    • Rhino Charge can now gore enemies caught in his path!
    • Rhino Charge now has a re-cast combo counter (mechanically identical to Valkyr's Ripline and Atlas' Landslide).
    • Duration mods no longer affect Rhino's Charge.
    • Range mods will now affect Rhino Charge's distance.
    • Rhino Charge’s distance is now based on his Ability combo counter.
    • Rhino Charge will now result in a Blast proc on targets if Iron Skin is active while Charging.
    • Rhino Charge will deal double damage against targets affected by Rhino Stomp.
  • Iron Skin has received the following changes:
    • Iron Skin has damage absorb period at beginning and is affected by armour, like Snow Globe and Tectonics.
  • Rhino Stomp has received the following changes:
    • Fixed 'double getup' when enemies affected by Rhino Stomp get ragdolled.
    • Rhino Stomp is recastable now and  picks up new enemies in range.


Conclave Changes

  • Vauban, Mirage, Nekros, and Limbo are now available for use in Conclave.
  • Added a new Rank in the Conclave Syndicate: Typhoon.
  • Mag, Volt and Excalibur are now purchasable through Teshin’s Conclave Offerings at the Typhoon rank.
  • Brakk, Bronco series, Detron series, Castanas Series and Pyrana are now available for use in Conclave.
  • The Orokin Hall of Memories Conclave map has been added to Capture the Cephalon.
  • The Capture the Cephalon map Derelict Halls has been revamped, reducing its size.
  • Weekly Missions have been added to Conclave, and completing them all will reward Conclave Standing, Credits, rare Resources and melee stance Mods.
  • Game mode Affector duration has been reduced to 10 minutes.
  • Matches completed with an active Affector award 2x Standing and End of Mission rewards.
  • Conclave Sigils are no longer required to gain Standing in Conclave, and Conclave Sigils can now be equipped in PvE Missions for purely cosmetic effect. Sigil Standing bonuses are now based on Conclave Rank.
  • Additional Conclave Loadout Slots can be purchased at Typhoon rank, up to a maximum of 10.
  • The following Conclave Weapon Skins have been added to Teshin’s Conclave Offerings at the Typhoon Standing:
    • Sybaris Conclave Skin
    • Strun Conclave Skin
    • Daikyu Conclave Skin
    • Furax Conclave Skin
    • Kronen Conclave Skin
    • Lato Conclave Skin
    • Lex Conclave Skin
  • The following Mods have been (re)added to Teshin’s Conclave Offerings:
    • Relentless Assault - With melee equipped and On Kill, +20% attack speed for 10 seconds (can stack with Martial Fury).
    • Follow Through - On Kill, gain +1 Energy for 8 seconds.
    • Sword Alone - With melee equipped, +0.1 Mobility. 
  • The following mods have been added to drop tables for all Conclave game modes:
    • Mortal Conduct (melee) - At Low Health, +60% Channeling Efficiency for 8 seconds.
    • Tactical Retreat (Warframe) - At Low Health, +0.1 Mobility and +20% damage resistance while airborne for 4 seconds (cannot be slotted with Final Act).
    • Final Act (Warframe) - At Low Health, +20% Ability Efficiency and +50% Ability Range for 4 seconds (cannot be slotted with Tactical Retreat).
    • Heavy Warhead (pistol) - 100% Explosion Radius, -50% Flight Speed.
    • Soaring Strike (bows) - 50% Fire rate while airborne.
  • ‘E-spam’ combos do half damage.
  • The attack before the ‘pause’ in a ‘pause’ combo does a stagger or knockdown.
  • The attack after the ‘pause’ in a ‘pause’ combo does 2x damage.
  • All other melee combos do 1x damage.
  • Melee slide attacks stagger or knockdown with melee equipped.
  • Charge Attacks do 1.5x damage.
  • Cephalons will return to base 90 seconds after being removed.
  • Return Timer is reset when killing an enemy while holding the Cephalon.
  • On Capture, both Cephalons are removed from play and returned after 5 seconds.
  • The following Mods have been added to drop tables for all Conclave game modes:
  • Melee weapon Stances now follow these general rules in Conclave:
  • The following changes have been made to Capture the Cephalon:
  • Increased the duration of Ash’s Smokescreen in PvP.
  • Increased the range of Ash’s Teleport in PvP.
  • Casting Ash’s Teleport will now cause players to drop the Cephalon.
  • Increased the damage of Excalibur’s Slash Dash in PvP.
  • Increased the damage of Volt’s Shock in PvP.
  • Increased the damage of Banshee’s Sonic Boom in PvP.
  • Increased the damage of Nyx’s Psychic Bolts in PvP.
  • Increased the damage of Nova’s Nullstar in PvP.
  • Increased damage of Valkyr's Ripline in PvP.
  • Increased damage of Valkyr's Hysteria in PvP.
  • Targets affected by Equinox’s Rest will be immune to damage for 1 second on Wake, there is no immunity if Rest expires naturally.
  • Increased damage and speed bonus of Equinox's Metamorphosis Day Form in PvP.
  • Increased radius of Equinox's Pacify & Provoke aura in PvP.
  • Removed the Radial Scream from Chroma's Effigy and reduced its channeling cost in PvP.
  • Reduced the amount of shields Mag's Shield Polarize grants in PvP.
  • Reduced armour multiplier of Iron Skin in PvP.
  • The Supra and Miter’s projectile speed has been increased in PvP.
  • Charged projectile speed increased for Paris, Paris Prime, Daikyu and Cernos in PvP.
  • Reduced respawn delay of Energy Orbs in PvP.
  • Increased blast radius of Penta series and Tonkor in PvP
  • Hush and Suppress mods are no longer usable in PvP.
  • Spring Loaded Broadhead mod damage bonus applied at 15m.
  • All Warframes have had their PvP Mobility stats adjusted.
  • All Mods that affect Mobility have been changed from percentage to additive.
  • Elemental Mobility Mods have had their mobility increased.
  • Slide velocity boost is now affected by the PvP Mobility stat.
  • The mobility Mods Adept Surge, Rising Skill, Calculated Spring and Tempered Bound have had their armour buffs/debuffs removed and their health/shield values adjusted.



  • Multiple improvements have been made to Warframe’s audio quality that dramatically improves the immersion of Warframe’s environmental sound effects.  This change includes:
    • Being able to hear nearby enemy footsteps.
    • Improved proximity awareness of enemy gunfire and VO.
    • Landing Craft radio chatter will no longer play while Codex Diorama music is playing.
    • Audio FX from beam weapons making contact with an enemy have been improved.
    • Improved audio FX on various weapon shells, laser blasts and projectile flybys.
  • Djinn's Fatal Attraction precept has been substantially improved. As before, Djinn starts by mesmerizing all enemies in range and lures them towards the player; if it succeeds in attracting enough prey into striking-distance it sprays an acid attack that does damage over time and eats away at enemy armor while they writhe in pain.
  • With the improvements made to the Fatal Attraction precept it is now much more effective at incapacitating enemies and gets more efficient as players eliminate mesmerized enemies.
  • Mesmerized enemies no longer shoot at the Djinn while walking closer.
  • Mesmerized enemies are highlighted so that it’s easier see when they're vulnerable.
  • Killing mesmerized enemies will extend the lure cycle up to a maximum of 7.5 seconds.
  • If the lure cycle ends without enough enemies in range to trigger the acid-spray the cooldown time is scaled by the percentage of mesmerized enemies left alive.
  • Enemies now snap out of being mesmerized early only when they are damaged.
  • Djinn will only start luring if there are enough enemies around to also trigger the acid-spray.
  • If all potential enemies or at least 5 enemies have moved into striking-distance then the lure will end early and the Djinn will spray acid.
  • The acid spray now does a guaranteed corrosive damage proc to eat away at enemy armor.
  • Fatal Attraction’s range at higher-ranks has been slightly reduced to make it easier to eliminate all targets and get the minimum cooldown.
  • Each enemy can only be affected by one Fatal Attraction once.
  • It no longer works on Corpus Nullifiers, Bosses or enemies immune to mind-control.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see the effects on Djinn while luring.
  • Nekros’ Desecrate can now affect enemy Osprey units.
  • Charge Attacks are now available for all melee weapons, and are usable by holding down the melee attack button with a melee weapon equipped. Please note this only works in equipped melee mode, we are continuing to explore this feature for quick melee.
  • Many tilesets have had their level boundaries improved and teleport volumes tweaked to prevent players from exiting the map in non-gameplay spaces.
  • Players can now use Remote Observers in their Dojo and Landing Craft via hotkeys.  This feature can only be activated when players rebind their appropriate Gear slot to a hotkey of their choice.
  • Mag Prime and Volt have been given a fresh PBR upgrade!
  • Many Orokin items and tilesets have received a PBR upgrade!
  • Hikou Prime has been given a PBR Upgrade!
  • The Braton Prime has been given a PBR Upgrade!
  • Made various adjustments to the Liset’s exterior lightning.
  • Kubrow will now teleport themselves out of an area if they become stuck in one place for too long.
  • Killing a Grineer by shooting their feet will cause them to ragdoll.
  • Higher Blast damage will increase how far enemies are sent on death.
  • All enemies will have a 50% chance to ragdoll on death.
  • Enemies now have a greater range of death animations, such as:
  • A new Mission has been added to Clem & Darvo’s weekly Missions.
  • Helios can now use Synthesis Scanners if there are no Codex Scanners equipped or remaining in the player’s Gear.
  • Wukong’s ground slam attacks now only cause camera shake for the player, instead of the entire Squad.
  • Changed the Anisotropic Filtering display setting from simple toggle to expose selectable levels of filtering. Depending on the resolution you play at, and the speed of your graphics cards, you may be able to increase the setting from the default 4X to 8X or even 16X to improve the clarity of textures on slanted surfaces. Older laptops and computers without dedicated graphics cards will likely want this option off to improve performance. Note: if you had previously disabled Anisotropic Filtering,  you will want turn the new setting off because it has been reset to defaults.
  • Changed Shade’s Ghost and the Huras Kubrow’s Stalk Abilities to avoid using invisibility while the players are doing something that draws aggro (eg: Nyx Absorb).
  • Reduced the size of the Imperator’s muzzle flash FX.
  • All Warframe Accessories have had their naming structure name to have the Warframe first, then the item name. This is to assist alphabetical sorting so players can look through the Market and see 'Volt Pulse Helmet', rather than 'Pulse Volt Helmet'.



  • Fixed explosions from the Concealed Explosives Mod damaging Corpus Nullifiers through their bubbles.
  • Fixed an issue where toggled actions (sprinting, blocking, aiming) would be automatically toggled off when activating a Warframe Ability.
  • Fixed some improper visual FX displaying near water in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset on Uranus.
  • Fixed players being unable to create waypoints during Fomorian Invasion Missions.
  • Fixed rare errors causing Warframe to crash when exiting the Arsenal.
  • Fixed melee weapons becoming stuck in the player’s hand after blocking an attack via the Reflex Guard Mod.
  • Fixed enemies not properly being sliced apart by melee weapons with the appropriate damage types.
  • Fixed improper pathing on enemies that can hover, including enemies in Archwing Missions.
  • Fixed decorations in the Dojo not properly snapping to vertical surfaces like walls or columns.
  • Fixed downed players in Archwing Missions displaying 0% Reviving instead of Bleedout.
  • Fixed an issue causing the ‘Throw Attack’ stat on some melee weapons  to provide improper information in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed players seeing an error prompt informing them they ‘Cannot retrieve a Kubrow from Stasis while another Kubrow is active” when simply scrolling through their Stasis slots.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur during the Captain Vor fight due to improper damage hit detection.
  • Fixed players being able to damage a Fomorian Core multiple times with a single shot using the Velocitus.
  • Fixed Clients and Hosts seeing different End of Mission screens when multiple Tactical Alerts or Events are active.
  • Fixed a script error that would occur when loading into a Relay.
  • Fixed multi-shot ammo consumption allowing players to fire weapons with a clip size of 0.
  • Fixed death visual FX lagging behind after an Osprey is killed.
  • Fixed the Lotus playing repetitive Transmission VO during Invasion Missions.
  • Fixed a hole in the terrain on the Archwing underwater drop point in the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset on Uranus.
  • Fixed the Landing Craft’s fly-in cutscene not properly playing at the start of Crossfire Missions.
  • Fixed some instances of Landing Craft audio playing after the fly-in cinematic.
  • Fixed the End of Mission screen not properly updating Syndicate Standing at the end of the Mission.
  • Fixed some clipping terrain visible in Archwing Corpus Trench Run tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to still be able to remain in a Dojo or use Clan chat after being kicked out of the Clan.
  • Fixed various lighting issues present in the Orokin Void tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from being able to end a security lockdown on the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Tesla hanging in mid air after being attached to an enemy that has died.
  • Fixed an issue preventing NPCs from entering cover.
  • Fixed several issues causing players to become stuck in terrain after using the Itzal’s Blink Ability.
  • Fixed Syndicate hit squads putting players in Solo Missions into a bleedout state, instead of instantly showing the Revive screen.
  • Fixed Archwing melee weapons not showing the correct Channeling colors.
  • Fixed the Castanas not properly functioning with elemental damage and multishot Mods equipped.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to become pushed out of a tileset if caught under an elevator.
  • Fixed an error in the UI causing the ‘Invite to Squad’ button to overlap the ‘Accept’ button after selecting a Mission Node.
  • Fixed Syndicate Standing not displaying the correct information at the End of Mission screen if the player has negative Standing with a Syndicate.
  • Fixed an error that would cause changing the color customization of an Archwing to also change the color customizations on Equinox.
  • Fixed the whip portion of the Mios sometimes not being visible during finisher animations.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Molt Ability not properly using the Orphid Skin visual if the skin was equipped.
  • Fixed Landing Crafts not being visible or able to be used to leave a Relay after returning from a Mission or Simulacrum.
  • Fixed players being unable to change colors of their Sigils after equipping the Community of Tenno Sigil.
  • Fixed an issue with the Steam Controller where the ‘A’ select button displays on screen although no item has been selected.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Miasma’s damage over time procs not triggering on enemies when cast immediately after a previous Miasma’s DoTs have ended.
  • Fixed the Landing Craft appearing sideways in the Relay landing terminal when returning to a Relay from a Conclave match.
  • Fixed Bullet Jump and Aim Glide improperly causing the Arachne Arcane to proc.
  • Fixed the Acrid’s Toxin DoT not applying to Osprey enemies.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to move backwards while meleeing when pointing the camera ‘up’ during a ground slam attack.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing the Glaive would put players into a free fire mode.
  • Fixed the Terminal Velocity Mod being unable to be equipped on Sentinel rifles.
  • Fixed the trade UI not properly updating the player’s remaining trades after completing a successful trade.
  • Fixed player names not properly displaying in Relays.
  • Fixed players becoming stuck in mid-air in the Dojo dueling room after pressing jump when kneeling down on a duel pad.
  • Fixed players being able to cast Excalibur’s Radial Blind continuously while firing a weapon.
  • Fixed the Mios’ whip disappearing from players who are revived from bleedout state, showing only a sword in their hand.
  • Fixed Frost Prime’s PBR visuals appearing to be low quality compared to other textures as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/556035-pbr-update-on-frost-prime-lowered-the-quality-of-frost-primes-other-textures/
  • Fixed an error causing lighting effects to give Comba and Scramba Corpus units irregularly glowing eyes.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting a USB Audio device would not restore audio to said device upon reconnecting. The Options menu allows you to choose a preferred device.  
  • Fixed an error causing Archwings still appear on players, except very tiny, when making the transition from Archwing to on-foot gameplay in the Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed weapon attachments with animations not properly playing their animations when players are selecting between accessories in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when players constructed a Shadow Barracks while research donation is active, causing resources donated to be split between two clan tiers.
  • Fixed Void Sabotage missions possibly having a progression stopper where the Grineer Sister boss fight results in invincible enemies.
  • Fixed a hitch that would occur with Loki's Radial Disarm - it now does most of the 'Disarming & Reaction across a few frames.
  • Fixed Alliances not properly reflecting changes made to a Clan’s tier.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Fixed various localization issues.


Due to the volume of content available in this the Second Dream it may be possible that we’ve missed the announcement of a fix or change.  If you believe something is not properly documented in these notes, please let us know.  We will continually monitor this thread to watch for any reports of undocumented changes and will update the information here as necessary.


Thank you all for your patience.  Enjoy the Second Dream, Tenno! 

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The update worth the wait, thanks DE as always, you are an awesome Team! we love you <3
The hype is real! 
Charged attacks here I go! 
New Rhino here I go! 
Snipers buff here I go!
Mastery rank 21 here I go! 
New login reward system here I go!
Also, obligatory video:

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