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Hotfix 18.0.1

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Fixed various issues with The Second Dream Quest (no spoilers).

Fixed a hitch that would occur on the last mission of The Second Dream. 

Fixed incorrect descriptions and images for the Scimitar Bundle in the Market. 

Fixed an issue with Trinity's Skirt disappearing when equipping the Immortal Skin. 

Fixed holding melee during a slide attack starting another slide attack. 

Fixed an issue with sorting Warframe parts in the 'Misc' section of the Foundry. 

Fixed an issue with certain SEA regions being unable to download the Update. 
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Can you add replayability to the cutscenes?


I couldn't alter my sounds during the cutscene so i opted to Alt F4ing the thing thinking it would restart it... nope.


Edit: Sorry, i think it was included in the update. Thanks! :)

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Awesome work as always with the swift hotfix.  


Any news or info regarding how the New System (after quest completion) works exactly please?


I get the no spoilers on your behalf but not explaining anything about it or how it works for us in game has left it all to trial and error, possibly a tad salty but mistakes have been made.


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