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Hotfix 18.0.1

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• Fixed various issues with The Second Dream Quest (no spoilers).
• Fixed a hitch that would occur on the last mission of The Second Dream. 
• Fixed incorrect descriptions and images for the Scimitar Bundle in the Market. 
• Fixed an issue with Trinity's Skirt disappearing when equipping the Immortal Skin. 
• Fixed holding melee during a slide attack starting another slide attack. 
• Fixed an issue with sorting Warframe parts in the 'Misc' section of the Foundry. 
• Fixed an issue with certain SEA regions being unable to download the Update. 


Who thought that was a good idea? I can't finish the quest, great time eating a corner. Thanks for making my gender choice for me. I can't begin to describe how pissed off I am at you collectively, DE. I'll take Stalker's job, I hate you, I hate you all.

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~sigh~ well... as of yet even with verying my download cache and this hotfix as well as confirming I've done the natah quest and relogging about a dozen times... I am still unable to access the second dream

Same Issue with not being able to access the quest.

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Huh, just got done ironically enough. Also, HOLY F*** IS MY MIND BLOWN OUTSIDE THE LISET AND BACK.


Blew mine all the way to the... Moon.

Umm. Natah Is done And Where The Second Dream Quest?


You will get it when you next log in. So just log out and back in.

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I want to report a bug:

I can´t deploy extractors on Earth, it tells me i haven´t completed al the nodes, which is false. I guess since you added the new trade node, it is somehow considered as a non completed node, causing the problem... please fix ASAP.


Thank you for this awesome update :D

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